Lots of goodbyes…


The 3 sisters at the Gardens

So this week has been pretty hectic, to say the least. It’s been filled with lots of goodbyes for me, since it’s my last week here. But I have a feeling I’ll be back soon! (Or maybe that’s just me hoping). We’ve been able to have a lot of excitement and some sadness, too. So now on to the total of my week!


At the beautiful gardens in Singapore

Monday: We went to the gardens, which were gorgeous as always. And then we did a bunch of shopping for groceries, etc. Something sad happened, though. We have probably officially lost R as an investigator. We love her so much, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. We all have our agency, though, so we have to respect that and her decision. Maybe something will change, we hope it does, but until then we’ll miss her and always love her.

So after that we were kind of down, until we called J! He was literally an answer to our prayers. You see, it’s hard to lose people. So we went out to dinner with J, and we got to feel the Spirit and realize its power in people’s lives again, and I know that’s what Heavenly Father knew we needed. It’s so good to know that He’ll take care of us always, and that He is completely aware of us and our hard times. So that was great.


At the Gardens

Tuesday: We got to meet with our favorite little old Chinese man R! He is so great. He bought us SO MUCH FOOD! But it was all delicious. 🙂 And then we got to meet with Sister R and her husband Brother C and their adorable family! 🙂 We had a delicious dinner and it was grand! After dinner we got this delicious dessert called longan and lychee, they’re some sort of fruit and they’re really good.

Wednesday: We had a great lesson with A, a new investigator, then took her to Sister S’s to make desserts! We ended up cooking all day and made Cinnamon rolls, sugar cookies, and too much chocolate bth (better than heaven) cake! We invited J, LB, the Elders, Fz and P over and had pizza and sugar overdoses. It was super fun and great for everyone to get to know each other! 😀




On Thursday we met with Sister E and C. C is just waiting for her Dad’s permission to be baptized! She’s so great. We got to eat Chinese food: Tofu and noodles with a sweet and spicy sauce. It was pretty good! Afterwards we went train contacting because we ended up having an appointment cancel. We did pretty good, and I’m getting better at train contacting.


Doing henna!

Friday: Sister Opatha ended up falling sick and so we stayed in and WE DID HENNA! Doesn’t it look great?! I’ve missed my red hair so much, I didn’t even realize how much until I dyed it red again. 🙂

Henna is temporary, it’ll wash out in 2-3 weeks, and super healthy for your hair. My hair already feels thicker and softer, it’s great. Sister Stokes when she did it came running out shouting, “I’M A WEASLEY!!!!!!!!!!” It was hilarious! I also started packing, which was sad.


The final product

Saturday: Sister Stokes ended up probably getting whatever Sister Opatha had, so they were both under the weather. I ended up going on splits with a ward member, A, to go to an appointment with LB. It was meant to be because the lesson was super spiritual and A was able to bear super strong testimony of the church and enduring to the end. This woman is truly amazing. I love her so much and I was sad to say goodbye afterwards.


Just Sister Schriever. Their other companion did it too but I didn’t have a great picture of her to share.

Sunday: We went to church and afterwards we got to meet with LB to start finalizing baptismal plans. We’re really praying that everything continues to go smoothly! He is so prepared, and so ready and we’re so excited for him! I wish I could be here but I’ll be there in spirit. Sister J brought us a dinner of chicken stew to bring home and eat and she was truly inspired, because it was just what we needed: Some hot soup! I am so thankful I never got sick. 🙂

Well, we’re off to go to the largest aquarium in the world. Farewell! Stay safe, know that you’re loved from Singapore! I miss so much of my life before but I know it’s absolutely worth it. I love you all!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


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