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Note from Mom:  I just can’t express enough appreciation and love I have for the area Rachel has been serving.  She has been so blessed with a loving companion, a wonderful ward family and the opportunity to make many friends.  She has expressed often how much she loves her ward family there, the people in the area and especially her companion Sister Stokes. As a mom, it makes me cry with joy to know that she has been so well-loved.  Now onto Sister Schriever’s letter.


The Trio of Sister Missionaries. So lucky to get to know each other.

So, to start out with: This week has been crazy, but mostly in a good way. I get to skip Mondaybecause I wrote about that last week since we emailed after our activity. 🙂 The zoo was way cool. 

Also I forgot my daily notes as well as my planner today (I swear I’m a good missionary! Just forgetful sometimes!) so wish me luck.

So there’s been an update on transfer news: I am heading to KL on the 18th! I’ll explain more on that in a bit, but just thought I’d start by getting your attention. (Note from Mom: KL is Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA!) 


On Tuesday we had District Meeting. We had to say goodbye to our beloved District Leader Elder Devey. I didn’t know him very long but he was fantastic. He went home on Thursday! We sang “God Be With You As We Meet Again”. Later we got to meet with Rb, who was fantastic as usual. He is such a sweet old man, I love him so much! But every time we ask him about baptism he says he’s going to be a monk next month….. That’s ok, he’s great and we’ll keep meeting with him! We then met with LB. He is so ready for baptism! It’s great! We had dinner and were able to answer a lot of his questions about the Book of Mormon for him. He reads every day, and he feels the Spirit, which are miracles! He’s fantastic!


Beautiful Singapore


On Wednesday we got priesthood blessings, me because I had no idea what was going to happen in two weeks. We are the only threesome in Singapore and Sister Tehrani is leaving. So there was a 99% chance that I was leaving to KL or Ang Mo Kio ward in Singapore. And just the fact that we had no idea and that people kept telling us it was probably one or the other was getting to me. So we got priesthood blessings for comfort, which was great. Thank goodness for the priesthood! And later we got to meet with Fz and P. They are always fantastic, and I am so grateful for them. It was funny though, we wanted Subway, so we went to go find some, and we ended up going to FIVE before we found an open one. So that was an adventure. But it was great overall. We got to talk some about Adam and Eve. And we talked about whether dinosaurs existed or not. (They TOTALLY exist!!!) 


An Apple Toffee Cheese cream puff from Chewy’s


On Thursday we went to lunch with V. She’s really great. We had pad thai which is DELICIOUS. And then we went to this cream puff place which has the best cream puffs in Singapore: Chewy Jr. They are delicious! And V is great as usual. She’s so strong in the gospel, and she has such a sweet spirit. I can’t wait until she’s baptized! 🙂 Then we got to meet with L and R who were so sweet as usual. S was a great member to have present which was great! 😀 And after that we got to go to training meeting. I was the odd one out, but that’s ok. So technically I’m trained as a trainer 😉 . It was pretty cool. Trainers are so important, they make all the difference in missionaries. I know that Sister Stokes has made a lasting impression on me and that I am going to miss her so much! 

We also found out I’m going to KL, because I finally asked President what was happening to me in two weeks. We also found out we are getting the Cambodian sister in two weeks! So that’s exciting, although I probably won’t be able to meet her. But still, hopefully someday! 🙂 I’ll miss Singapore and everyone in it, but apparently I’m needed in KL. One thing about a mission is you know all the decisions are inspired! So I’ll be ready! 


On Friday we still went to the picking-up-the-trainee meeting even though our trainee wasn’t coming for two weeks. Well guess what it was inspired!!! We are truly rewarded for obedience! 😀 One of the trainees going to KL was unable to go due to visa problems so GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!! WE HAVE A THIRD COMPANION!!!!!!! Sister Opatha is from Sri Lanka and she is GREAT!!! And what’s more, something that was really cool is Housing was supposed to come earlier this week, probably to take our second set of bunk beds because we’re alone, and they never showed up! So Heavenly Father knows all, he knew we’d need that extra bed! 😀 We love her already and she’s fantastic! We are so excited! We got to meet with Fz and P so we could give them Christmas presents since I’m leaving before Christmas. So she got to meet them. We had Coldstone ice cream and it was great!


On Saturday our schedule was packed. Our poor trainee has definitely been completely thrown into missionary life. We had a lunch appointment with J, an afternoon appointment with R, and a night appointment with LB. We were almost running from appointment to appointment which was fun. But it was great. We had such a spirit with us! 


Finally, Sunday was great as usual. We ended up meeting with R that night because I forgot my MRT pass at her house (oops… I said I’m forgetful! This doesn’t usually happen I promise!) Anyways, we got to meet one of her friends who will hopefully become an investigator! 


Well that about sums up our week! I love you all! I love this gospel and I love the work I’m doing! We are truly bringing souls to Christ! 😀 This is His work and His glory, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man! I am so happy to be a tool in this glorious time! 🙂 

Again, love you all! Stay safe, be happy, keep the Spirit with you!


Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung


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