Sister Shimmer, Mousedeer, and Monsoon Season!


Rachel at the famous Singapore Gardens

Okay, so to start off something I keep forgetting to mention are my two nicknames. Due to my last name being European, oddly spelled, and weirdly pronounced (apparently), I have obtained two nicknames: Sister Shimmer and Sister Screwdriver. I thought that would crack you all up, and I now easily reply to both of these.


Gorgeous Gardens

Now the big news: TRANSFERS HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!! AND LB IS NOW ON DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As far as transfers go: I am staying in Bedok, WITH Sister Stokes (WOOOOOO!!!), but WAIT THERE’S MORE: We are going to be in a threesome with a NEW TRAINEE from the MTC!!! 🙂 So that’s exciting. About the second note: LB is someone we began teaching three weeks ago, and he is now on date for December 24 and HE’S ALREADY ANSWERED ALL OF THE BAPTISMAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS WITH US!!!! He has been so prepared and he is so amazing!!!!! He’s only 16, but I know that he is meant to do something great. 😀


More of the Gardens

Now, for the weekly sum of events.

On Monday, we got to go to Gardens by the Bay, which are absolutely gorgeous, with Phyo! I saw a banana tree for the first time (wish I could have gotten a photo of Phyo’s face when he found out I had NEVER seen a banana tree before). And there are tons of beautiful plants! We didn’t do the catwalk between the supertrees next because it started…well…monsooning. Yes, that’s right, monsoon season is DEFINITELY here. It was raining so hard the trees across the street were blurry. Phyo kept insisting I use an umbrella. I didn’t want to, the rain felt super nice (And I didn’t get sick, not to worry!) Afterwards, we got Coldstone ice cream which was delicious, but more expensive and smaller than in the US. But most American things here are. So that’s ok. It was still divine.


Banana Tree

Tuesday, we had district meeting and then we got lemon chicken rice from the Sengkang hawker center. This stuff is delicious, definitely the best chicken rice (especially lemon) in Singapore.  I also got to try a new dessert, mango milk ice, which is finely shaved ice with condensed milk and mango bits, and it is delicious.


At the Zoo

We also got to meet a new-old investigator again! A took the lessons FIVE YEARS ago, when she was ten, and for reasons that are still kind of unclear, she ended up stopping taking the lessons. So we called her contact number a few weeks ago, Brother T answered, and he said he’d call us back. Keep in mind that usually means that we will never hear from them again. Then earlier this week HE CALLED AND SET UP AN APPOINTMENT TO TEACH HIS DAUGHTER!!!! We are SO STOKED (Hee hee it’s funny because of Sister Stokes’s name, shhhh don’t tell her I said that joke), and she seems really amazing! We’re really excited!


Good thing her wiser companion used the umbrella on my overheated daughter.

We also did train contacting, which is always fun. I’m slowly but surely getting better at it. Our goal is to get out a Book of Mormon every day, which hasn’t always happened but we’re working on it!



Wednesday we did train contacting, planning, and then got to go indexing which is always great! I have now figured out I can do 5 point records. I feel very proud of myself. If anybody is interested in doing a weekly point competition I will take them up on it! 😀 I may not have much time, but I have SKILLS! We also got the opportunity to do a huge service. A lady who lives in our complex, P, has an LDS neighbour from another ward. I had never met her, and Sister Stokes has met her only a few times. P’s fridge broke down, and so Sister B–her LDS neighbour–told her, “I’m not home, why don’t you SMS the sisters?” So she did, and we were able to go over and save all of her food! We then got to have dinner later that night, and she is SO COOL! She’s from Thailand, and her husband is from New Jersey, and they met when he was doing work for Habitats for Humanity. She then invited us to a Thanksgiving dinner that they were having when her husband came home from his business trip! I think we’re going to be great friends, and I am so grateful that we have this opportunity to fellowship someone as great as her.


We usually do planning on Thursday but we had an unusual amount of appointments so we did it Wednesday. On Thursday we met with S and had a great luncheon with her and some of the other missionaries, and then we had a FANTASTIC lesson with her helpers L and R! They are so great, I love them so much! They keep progressing, and their spirits are so sweet. They  have a sincere desire to learn more about Christ, and to build their faith in him. I know that someday they will receive the answers they need, and we will always be great friends with them!


hmmm, what animal will they see first.

After our lesson, we went to a chicken place called Peri-Peri with Ph and Fz. I was AMAZED. This is the closest food I’ve gotten to American food besides fast food since I got here. The salad had enough dressing, and it was non-mayonnaise-based, there were knives, and the soda refills were free! It was grand. I seriously love Ph and Fz so much. They have been such a great support to us in the mission. They’ve always been willing to come to lessons, to help us find cool stuff to do on p-days, and to feed us. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do when I leave this area, I will be so sad to lose everyone I’ve come to love here. But I know that everything will be for a reason and that it will all be all right in the end. If it’s not all right, it’s not the end.


Lots of rain in this beautiful place.

On Friday we got to meet with J! She is so amazing. She will be baptized soon, we’re just doing final preparations, and we need to figure out the exact date! She is truly an amazing woman. She has such a sincere desire to be baptized, and it is only due to some lack of knowledge that we’re going to be teaching in the next few weeks that she hasn’t been baptized already. I am so excited to see her in white! We then got to go to Sister J T’s house where she was having a member potluck! She had invited some nonmember tenants of hers, but we never got to have an opportunity to meet them. It was great, though, to get to know the ward members better and enjoy their delicious cooking! Chinese food and American Chinese food are VERY different. I will definitely be missing a lot of things when I get back, especially food. And one of her tenants’ daughters came to church on Sunday. She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!



Later on Friday we took P’s food over to her house because they were able to get their fridge fixed, and we got to meet her husband for the first time! He has a degree in electrical engineering, but he works more in business. He’s REALLY cool. I didn’t realize how much I missed talking about science-y stuff (I think I’m having withdrawals from TSA) until I got talking to him. So that was super fun!


Notice how the wise one is using her umbrella?

On Saturday we had a Thanksgiving dinner with TURKEY!!! I DON’T THINK YOU CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND HOW RARE TURKEY IS HERE!!! It’s kind of like duck in the states, it’s only expensively available around this time of year. Their house smelled delicious when we came over, we brought drinks and made mashed potatoes and it was grand. It was so great, it reminded me of home, with yams (everything was delicious, but the candied yams may have been my favorite), and green beans, and turkey, and mashed potatoes!


Then later that night we got to meet with LB, and WE GOT HIM A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! We taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the third lesson, and after we got done answering all of his questions, I looked down and realized my planner was turned to the baptismal questions. So I started asking them to him, not telling him what they were. At the end, we looked at him and said, “LB, those were the baptismal questions….” And he just kind of looked slightly shocked. Then we asked him!!!!! “LB, will  you be baptized in the same way Jesus Christ was, immersed in water by the proper authority, on December 24?” IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG!!!!!!! 😀 I am so happy for him!!! I think I might cry at his baptism. I kind of feel like he’s my little brother. I love him so much!!!!


On Sunday, we called LB repeatedly, to ask him if he was coming to church because he wasn’t sure if he could. Finally we got a hold of him, turns out we woke him up, and HE CAME!!!!! And not only that, but since he woke up late he didn’t have time to eat, and we hadn’t explained fasting to him yet, so he was about to buy bread when he suddenly realized, “Nope, I can’t buy things on the Sabbath”. This kid is SIXTEEN!!! He has been SO PREPARED!!! We then went through the rest of church,  and taught him the lessons about tithing and fast offering afterwards. I had been so worried that he would be bored out of his mind, or that tithing would make him question, but he not only said that he felt REALLY GOOD at church and that it passed by fast, but had no qualms about tithing! It all goes to good causes, and that made sense to him! 😀 I am sooooooo happy! And later that night, I did a ton better at train contacting. I didn’t get any Book of Mormons out, but I talked to a lot more people, so I’m getting better!!!! 😀 I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!!


Watch out world, the sisters are in a vehicle.

And since I’m writing at the end of P-Day, I can tell you about today. We got up early and went to the zoo. It’s really cool here, there are no cages, and a lot of the animals live in ‘environments’. We got to watch a handler and a orangutan just stroll down the sidewalk, and the orangutan had two babies clinging to her! And we stood ten feet away from gray kangaroos, with nothing but a weak three-foot-high fence seperating us. We also got to see the tigers and polar bear be food, which was SO COOL. And we rode an elephant! It was SUPER FUN!!! We went with Fa’iz, and other missionaries came in the afternoon. It was SO FANTASTIC!!!!


Well that’s about it for this letter! 😀 I love you all and I pray for all of you (Really, all of you.) I hope you are all safe and healthy and doing well!


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung


Rachel on an elephant in SINGAPORE!



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