Letting Fish Eat My Feet, Eating Messy (Oops!), and Other Excitement


Rachel says “These pictures describe my life as a missionary. Food, representing Jesus Christ, and studying. (I LOVE the Liahona!)”

Hello everyone! So last week I had a cool experience: On Monday I got to have my feet eaten by fish! (Please see pictures). They are apparently from Turkey and there was a hilarious woman there who thoroughly enjoyed Sister Stokes’s ticklishness. I was lucky, it wasn’t too bad for me. It was REALLY cool! And my feet felt super nice afterwards. We also stuck our hands in and that felt really weird. There were some bigger ones in mine, and you’d just feel this SUCKING. You could definitely tell I had more dead skin (My feet are kind of gross right now due to all the sweating and walking, and getting used to that), because they were SWARMING around my feet. It was SO COOL and I am going to go back and do it again some time for sure.


Feet eating fish!


On Tuesday we got to meet with Rb, an adorable investigator of ours! He took us out to eat chili crab (at a different place this time), and yam ring and cereal prawn and other delicious food! This man is a connoisseur of Singapore food! He eats everywhere. Grandma and Grandpa go to as many temples as they can now, he goes to as many different hawker centers and restaurants as he can! It’s pretty cool. While we were eating the chili crab, I was trying to break a leg to get inside more, and it kinda sorta splattered, and it went EVERYWHERE over Sister Stokes and my left side. That was awkward, but luckily Sister Stokes took it well. 😀 I’m pretty lucky to have her as my companion! And it was also pretty funny, I’m pretty sure Rb enjoyed it a lot.


Chili Crab


Yam ring


Fish head


Cereal prawn


All together

On Wednesday we met with a less-active who’s pretty cool. She gets to travel all the time for her job, which is part of why she’s less-active. She has such a sweet spirit, and a strong testimony, though. She took us out to eat pizza and we got to know her, and she is really cool. We also got to talk to her about getting guidance from prayer, which I think comforted her. She bought us a cheesecake afterwards, which was AMAZING. We shared most of it with Sisters Waldvogel and Zhang and Sister Mains after new missionary training, and took the rest home. It was fantastic!

After new missionary training, we ran into one of our new investigators, RH, when we were going to the MRT. He is so prepared! Apparently he was just thinking about us, and we popped up! And it wasn’t somewhere we’d normally be, either, because we had been at training. It was really cool because we got to talk to him. He’s started the Book of Mormon, and has been writing down questions! It’s so cool, because he actually was the one who came up to the missionaries, he went up to the Chinese elders and asked to know about us. It was so exciting! He has been so great to teach!

On Thursday, we were mixed up as to which week was Thanksgiving (don’t judge us….) so after doing planning, and some contacting, we made a Thanksgiving dinner. It was delicious. I made chicken drumsticks, which I luckily remembered the recipe to (thanks Mom), Sister Stokes made her delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, Sister Waldvogel and Sister Zhang brought salad, pop, and ice cream cones for dessert, and we also had pumpkin soup (from a can, but still….We added basil!) and corn on the cob. It was great to just remember what we’re thankful for, and enjoy good food and great company. We even got Sister Zhang to eat drumsticks with her hands! 😀


Thanksgiving with corn on the cob!


Their Christmas shrine


Thanksgiving feast with Sister Zhang, Sister Stokes and Sister Waldvogel She remembered how to make my chicken, I feel very validated as a mom!


Ice cream a rare treat


Happy sisters celebrating Thanksgiving together.

On Friday , we met with L and R, and it was exciting because one of our less-actives, S, sat in on the lesson with us! Apparently she hasn’t done that for months, it was great! We talked some about families are forever, and watched the video as well and it was really sweet. Then we had got a dinner appointment kind of out of the blue with R, who we thought was in India! So that was exciting! She made us DELICIOUS Indian food. She is so sweet and so nice! We also got to meet her godfather, who had been out of the country for a while, and that was exciting because she talks about him ALL OF THE TIME! Apparently he had been worried about her taking lessons from us but afterwards she SMSed us and said that we were different than what he was expecting. We find that a lot. A lot of people get us mixed up with FLDS, the Amish, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses are actually banned from proselyting here, fun fact. And we get to tell people, “No we’re not polygamous and yes we use technology.” When we met with RH the first time that was one of his first questions was if we could use technology, and he realized that we must be SMSing him somehow. So I just said, “Yes, we think our message at a number REALLY HARD and hope it appears”. It’s funny, but also kind of sad. We are normal I promise! We just stand apart a little from the world. And that’s a great thing.


Really great Indian food, made by really great people, butter chicken, daal and more.

On Saturday, we got to do service at the Stake Center, and I GOT TO WEAR THE YELLOW VESTS!!! I think I’ve always wanted to wear one of those, but never have. It was so great to wear the “Mormon Helping Hands” insignia, and RH ended up coming too which was great!  He was really getting into it, and it was really fun. We have a TON of donations for the Philippines, and even after hours of packing boxes we still didn’t finish. The charity of people is amazing to behold. I am so proud to be part of a church that does so much for others. Afterwards we were able to have a great lesson with RH and he really felt the spirit. He’s only 15 but he seems so much older!


The yellow vests!


So happy to help the people in the Philippines.

On Sunday we had missionary correlation meeting. We have been given a challenge of splitting the Singapore stake in 2014. Considering there is one stake now, we need twice the members. It’s a daunting challenge, but the members here are so enthusiastic, and so strong that I know that it is possible! There is truly a reason that talks have been given over and over, especially lately, about member missionary work! This work cannot move nearly fast enough, it cannot truly hasten, until members and missionaries work together in one unstoppable force! The field is ripe and ready to harvest. We are no longer just planting seeds, but we are actually ready to harvest the crop! It is truly exciting to be a missionary now!

We also got to have a cool lesson with Fz afterwards about temples and family history work. The gospel is so fair, so just, so loving. Everyone has an equal chance in the eyes of God, everyone is a son or daughter of him, and he loves us all.

We also got to have dinner with P. Myanmar food is SO GOOD. We had tofu with some sort of greens and pig parts with greens. There weren’t any organs, though. Apparently I probably ate pig ear and pig trotters, as well as other parts. This is why I’ve learned not to ask what food is until after I eat it. It was all SO DELICIOUS. 😀 I’m sure someday I’ll learn what I’m eating and not care anymore. Actually scratch that I definitely will.


Myanmar food, the light stuff is tofu and the dark stuff is various parts of pig.

I love you all! I’m so glad to be out here among these wonderful people doing the Lord’s work! I know the work is hastening, and I know that now is the time that I’m supposed to be here! I love the Gospel, and I know that it is true! I say these things, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Sister Schriever

Farthest Flung

PS: I have been told I look Greek, Elvish, and Russian this week at different times by different people. So that’s interesting.


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