I don’t even know where to begin..


Sister Schriever and Sister Stokes loving Singapore

Hello Dani my dearer, dearer sister 😛

I’m pretty good. I can’t believe you’re getting feet surgery! I’ll pray for you, k? Missionary prayers are the most powerful, you know! And that’s great that you’ll go to Christmas, hopefully this will kill your foot problems once and for all! Before you go into surgery, you should take a sharpie and draw dragons on your feet, so the surgeon is killing the dragon-like pain in the butt your feet have been sometimes. (If you do this please send pics!)

Take a nap, and the FBLA sounds exciting! Maybe you should start journalling so you remember things to tell me. Even just write like a paragraph a day, that’s what’s been keeping me journalling on my mission is so I remember stuff to tell you, and so I’ll remember in the future. I love your notes too! I love you too!! “Stay strong and of a good courage”. PS: I was showing your picture to an investigator, R, and she said that if she took you to Bangladesh or India, you’d be married in a week and have your choice of men. So feel complimented!


A really nice person took them to dinner and they had all sorts of really good food.

Dear Dad, You all are in my prayers as well. Duck is good, I have not tried pig stomach, and the big bowl thing sounds like hot pot which is delicious! Was it spicy? And did you eat with spoons and forks, or spoon and chopsticks? I think I’m going to go home and sharpen all the sides of my spoons. It will be glorious! They’re not sharpened here but I still want to. I love you! And being here, it has reminded and made me realize how blessed I am to have parents in the gospel, and that you are a worthy priesthood holder. You should talk about the priesthood more, I don’t think I ever grasped the significance or the fact that you are so spiritually guided as to what to say, and how powerful it actually is. I wish I had taken more advantage of its guidance, protection, and healing. I would love to hear your testimony of it! I love the gospel, I love our work, I love the peace and power of the Holy Ghost, and I love you! PS: Everyone says I look like you.


More amazing food! Someone invited them over to eat this.

Dear Kit Kat (Kaity): Knock knock, who’s there? Missionary power! I love you more than you love me, I am bigger than you so I win! wahhahahahahahahah!!! I haven’t forgotten you, because of your adorable photos! I show them to everyone and they tell me how cute you are! I love your photos! You are so cute! I miss you and I love you!


Food that they made and are eating Singaporan style.

Dear Suzi: It’s now Monday here and Sunday there. I feel like a time traveler! Do your chores, it’s good prep for a mission and it sounds like you’ll get some fun rewards, I’m glad you’re staying on a good schedule!  I loved those games at school too! Your friends’ names are very pretty. You are so cute, I show your photos to people here and they all LOVE them! You are so cute and I miss you and I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE ME!!!


The view from 19 stories up. They were visiting a family that lived right below the room.

Dear Sariah,

That is insane. It sounds like your aquarium is a terrifying world, where no one is safe, not even a snail in its shell. Service club sounds like it’s going well, and that’s exciting about Sunday school. I had to teach Sunday School a couple of weeks ago. My mission is going rather well, and the food is delicious. I’m getting used to spiciness still, but it’s a lot better. I will be able to out eat you! If you come out to pick me up, or if we ever do a trip here in the future we’ll have a lot of fun eating peppers, and spicy food. It’s fun! Everything on a mission is pretty fantabulous. I got to wear elf hats, eat pie, and eat CHILI CRAB!!!!! This is the most delicious stuff on the face of the planet, just so you know. I was SO happy!!!!  That was really exciting. PS: One of the elders that I showed a picture of you too asked, “Is she married?” Then he found out you’re 14…..


At a potluck at a members apartment.

Dearest mom, I love you and miss you! Like I was telling dad, being here and seeing so many part member or recent members has made me so grateful to be raised in the gospel, with you as examples to follow. And it is amazing how great a mom you are and were always. Most women here, even with 1 or 2 kids, will hire helpers or put their kids in day care, even if they don’t have a job. Somebody asked me how you did it and I replied, “Magic”. You are pretty amazing, I hope you remember that and know that. I love you! Always and forever, and more than you love me even though that’s pretty hard to do. 🙂

I’ve been praying for the Philippines. There are a LOT of Filipinos here, and so far we haven’t met anyone whose family was in the devastated part. I’m thankful to be safe here.My shoes should survive walking 50k, they’ve been enduring so far. PS: Everyone here says you’re beautiful and look really good in the photos!


Rachel with the Christmas hats I sent them.

Dear Everyone:

I have received my Christmas package!!!!!! JOY TO THE WORLD THE ELF HATS WERE WORN!!!!! In fact, when leaving the mission office I kinda sorta forgot to take it off until a senior missionary goes to Sister Tehrani, the Sister Training Leader I was on splits with, “I think you need to talk with your sisters about the dress code….” It was hilarious! And Sister Stokes loves hers, too. And SO MUCH FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was SO excited!!!!! Now I had a question about the package. Are you SURE I can’t get into the big stocking? It sits there, tempting me……  So Sister Stokes’ Mom sent me presents, too. One of which we opened. I have a pet now!!!! It’s a little reindeer hexbot! It’s adorable and I love him and I have named him Charger! (Some of this may be repeated in my general letter, just thought I’d let you enjoy).

That BBQ place sounds good, I have not had pig stomach but I did get pig trotter soup (as in feet, yes). It was good, but I don’t think I ate the actual foot. But apparently it’s soft, so I’m not actually sure. Did you have hot pot? That’s delicious. I eat duck here, not so much beef here though. And it’s not truly asian unless you don’t have a knife!!! Except apparently with steak it’s acceptable to eat with a knife, but otherwise you eat with a fork and spoon, you use the spoon to tear apart the meat. It’s kinda  fun, and when going for bones you use fingers. I also had fish cheeks! (yeah, it’s exactly how it sounds. As in I dug my thumb into a fish head and ate a fish’s cheek. It’s actually the sweetest part of the fish and it’s pretty delicious, I highly recommend it!) As for other food, I’ve taken photos as we’ve gone about. I accidentally had the hottest pepper of my life a few nights ago. I was eating vegetables (happy now??) And all of a sudden I got this BURNING on my tongue. I kind of ignored it until I looked down and saw these little red peppers. These things are SPICY. Like just a little slice of one set my tongue burning for 20 minutes. But I survived, and it actually wasn’t too bad. There is a possibility that the first couple of seconds killed the nerves, so I survived. And I can still eat, so I’m assuming no damage was done.


A dragon fruit!

We got to meet with R today! She is a Christian, and is investigating churches. She just became Christian this year, she was Hindu. I LOVE her! And apparently she was telling her godfather all about me and she told him all about how I am her twin. So now I have an Indian twin. We had lunch with her on Monday, and got to go to the balcony floor of her godfather’s apartment building, which was gorgeous. She is so funny! We got to meet with her again on Thursday because she called us up and said that apparently she had gone to get her blood tested that morning, and her veins were too small! So instead of being poked multiple times, she called us up so we could help her be less scared. It was so sweet. She is pretty amazing.


Yes that’s right, she’s roasting a starburst that I sent her. Keeping the tradition alive.

We also got to go to dinner with R2 on Monday, he is a sweet old man. He treated us to chili crab (Seriously this stuff is the most delicious food on the planet.) He spent way too much on us, but wouldn’t let us help pay. He is adorable, and he’s kind of lonely. So it’s really nice to meet with him and talk to him. He is so sweet and I love him so much!! We got to take the leftover chili crab’s gravy (aka sauce) home with us, and we took some mysterious fish from the freezer (not sure where it came from) and fried it all up together. So delicious.


More yummy food! And soon she will be eating the infamous fish cheeks. Does anyone have a recipe for the white things, Dim Sum?

We also had fun roasting starbursts (courtesy of you Mom) over the stove, and eating chocolate pie that we made! Both were delicious.  I hope you enjoy the picture of me eating fish cheeks. They were actually really good, although i was doubtful at first. I love Singapore! It is the most amazing place on earth, and definitely the best mission ever!!!! I love the people, everyone!!! I am mastering Singaporean, kinda. I’m definitely learning Singlish, and it’s definitely acquired. I’ll have to try to speak it to you when we do our video chat at Christmas. I am learning things like how to use la and le and eh, etc. And how to pronounce words, and which words to use. Although I still wish I remembered more Chinese. I could have really used it. Also the culture here is really cool. Have I mentioned there are escalators EVERYWHERE and almost no one uses stairs? Also people aren’t afraid to have their music loud in their headphones or whatever, and if someone is in their way they just kind of nudge them out of the  way. It’s different. I love it. I want to come back, actually I am DEFINITELY coming back someday. I love it so much here. Nowhere else in the world, I think, would you have a bookshelf of different languages and still need to go get more, or have people that you come to love the moment you meet them. I am so happy! The work is so strong here! They hope to get a temple here in the next 5 years, which makes our work so important.


Eating Fish cheeks, she said they were good.

I know the gospel is true, and I am so thankful for all the blessings its given me. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He can help us in any aspect of our lives, and we are sons and daughters of an ever-loving and ever-merciful Heavenly Father. I know this, and I love it, and I will do my best to bring others to a knowledge of it!


Thanksgiving dinner put on by the Relief Society to help with a thankfulness theme. The missionaries were thankful!


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