Land of Rain, Convincing My Companion I Died, Smelly Fruit, and Other Such Adventures

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First ever professional manicure

In Rachel’s letter to one of her siblings she describes a game she played. “Although duck is delicious here. In fact it was funny, we were playing a game where we have to put a card on our head and get to ask ‘yes or no’ questions and figure out what we are at a YSA FHE, and I was a duck. And I got to the point I was guessing, “turkey… chicken….” and they go, “No, it’s more common than that”, which confused me, but I finally got duck! So yeah it’s really common here.”

To another sibling: “And it is ALWAYS HOT HERE except when we turn the AC on too high”.


The sign on the door said Korean BBQ

I’m so excited for my Christmas package! And I miss snow. Apparently they have a ‘Snow City’ here, but it’s just artificial snow. I’m so excited for the package!!! We’ve heard about the typhoon here, there’s a lot of Filipinos that we teach and that we meet with. I didn’t know details, I’m glad the missionaries are safe. I can’t believe it was that big!

So monsoon season is starting. Everybody was right about the whole jacket thing. The rain feels wonderful!!! Although it gets wickedly humid after. So on Monday we went to a place called Bugis, which is essentially a giant hawker center for clothes and items. Kind of like a mall but with cloth dividers, a lot smaller ‘stores’, or stalls, and the escalators work less. It was so much fun!!! Me and Sister Stokes went and I got my first-ever manicure! We got ‘gelish’, and apparently it’s a TON cheaper than in the states. 


Glad her companion was there to make sure she wasn’t dead!

I managed to convince Sister Stokes I was dead this week. On Tuesday I was still getting over my cold and Sister Stokes let me take a nap. So apparently I was rolling around and coughing, and she thought to herself, “You know, she could be getting attacked and I wouldn’t even know”. Then she looked at the time and decided to wake me up. So she goes to the door and I’m just laying in bed STARING at her limply. She thought I was joking around, so she kind of goes, “Sister Schriever, it’s time to wake up now…” And then I didn’t blink. And then she realized I wasn’t breathing. So now she’s running through her head what she’s going to tell President. And finally, “longest 5 seconds of my life”, as she puts it, she saw my chest move. And my eyes are still open. So she comes and dangles her scarf in my face and I kind of bat at it and turn to the side and close my eyes. Then she finally got me awake. So that’s how I convinced my poor companion I was dead, and also found out I am capable of napping with my eyes open apparently. 


I like this picture because they look so happy but also because there is salad in front of her and that makes her mom happy!

We are teaching two Filipino helpers, L and R, and they are suddenly progressing hugely! It’s amazing!!! The Lord works in mysterious ways right? R has only been in Singapore for a few months and we have high hopes for her! Something cool she said when we kind of split off, me with R and Sister Stokes with L, was that she feels she has a calling, she just doesn’t know what it is. I’m so excited!  I got to testify about prophets, the gospel, and my own calling as a missionary. Sister Stokes said a while ago, “This is the only time in our lives that we’ll KNOW for sure that we are in the right place at the right time” and that couldn’t be more true. I love being a missionary, I love doing God’s work! It’s where I’m supposed to be and I love the people here and everything!

We also had a cool miracle earlier this week on Friday. We started out the day with ‘lunch’ and ‘door knocking’ on our calendar because we had NOTHING. Then BAM! it all filled up. We went to go see J at work, and got a lunch appointment with her (we got her on date for baptism again hurray!) and we also set up a dinner with her, then the Cho Chu Kahn sisters called and they had a potential investigator for us to meet! So we met with them and then we almost had a ward missionary meeting with P but that got cancelled, which worked out well because otherwise we were going to be running all across the city…. We’ve had so many blessings, we’ve been meeting so many people that are prepared by the Lord! It’s actually kind of scary sometimes because I wonder if this is the calm before the storm. But we’ll be prepared I think, or as much as we can be. 


This is a reflexology thing that they have at a ton of parks around here. Apparently if you walk on it it’s supposed to be really good for your health, like your joints and such, it’s supposed to help balance them out. And usually people have to hold onto that rail on the side, which I didn’t know, so I did it twice without, which means I am tough. 🙂

I tried durian last night. It is the fruit of the devil. It’s disgusting. It smells like rotten meat and cat pee mixed together and it tastes creamy (the texture alone would make anyone gag), with little fibers in it and the taste is kind of like bland puke. It was disgusting. It is BAD!!!!!!!!! If you come to pick me up you’ll try it! 

Anyways, the work here is great! I love the members, I love our LA’s and investigators! I would eat a whole durian for them if I had to, that’s how much I love them! The work here is amazing. And I love my companion too! I get to go to the Botanic Gardens today which means cool pictures so get excited for that!!! Hurray! 😀 I love you and miss you but I know I’m where I’m supposed to be! I’ve dropped my nets and I’m following the Savior and so far the fishing has been great I think. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for Singapore! And I’ve already determined I WILL come back someday and visit because I love it here, I love everything!!!



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