I did not trick-or-treat


Rachel on p-day in Singapore

Rachel sent 2 emails on Sunday.  The first was responses to all of our questions.  She would also like to mention that she would love mail.  She has very limited time on the internet each week so she has more time to read snail mail although she loves email as well.

Q from her youngest sister: Did you trick-or-treat? (pictures of this are on the older blog post and in the photo gallery on the right)

A: I did not trick or treat but I dressed up like my companion Sister Stokes and wore orange and black! (I stole her name badge >:) ) I also played a Halloween prank! Sister Stokes was in the shower and I sneakily went up to the top bunk, and when she came  out she saw I wasn’t in the room so she checked the office, my bathroom door was open. Finally she went to the kitchen and she just got this PANICKED look on her face, and I laughed and she found me. 🙂 I LOVE my companion!! Even if she says she’ll get me lost. 😛

 Q from her next sister: Are you having fun?

A: I am having a way fun time. I got to see a giant statue that is half lion half fish and got to pretend to drink its spit for photos! It was way fun. It is beautiful here, although I haven’t seen very many animals.

She talked more about the merlion: The merlion is at Marina Bay, near Sentosa. If you look up Marina Bay MRT it’s near there. Singapore is a city but it’s divided into many parts, all of which are MRT stations, which is cool


Merlion in SIngapore

 Response to her next sister about candy:

I’m jealous of the candy, American candy is expensive here. But that’s probably a good thing. The Elders got to go trick or treating because Woodlands ward is full of white people and they had a big trick or treating party.

 She got a new bag and the following is why I love the people of Singapore already:

 I love my bag, it was less than $20 Sing dollars. It’s nice because it has a lot of outer pockets. They have backpack versions of it that I’m considering if I ever go to Malaysia, but I’ll decide later. Oh and people have been saying you look really young in the photos, so I thought you’d like that. I love that you’re sending me printed ones! I can also get ones printed here for I don’t know how much if that ever is easier. But I’m excited to get already-printed ones and MAIL!

On Eating:

I am eating very well. Kinda. Everything here is fried and spicy and in huge portions. And apparently this is one of the few missions where sisters GAIN weight. So wish me luck. I’m getting used to spicy. You should tell S. that the spicy here is on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL than Mexican spicy, Elder Olivares is from Mexico and he’s almost died apparently. It’s pretty ridiculous. I have started eating my fries with chili sauce, which is like spicy ketchup. There are a couple of photos of me being saddened at it. I’m eating veggies when I get them. We’ve been having lots of fruit too at our apartment. One of our goals is to cook more so we’re hunting for ideas for recipes with local foods. Ramen noodles are DELICIOUS HERE!! So much better than U.S. And I kinda sorta forgot my vitamins I think. I’ll try to find some. …And cooking it seems like we can do a lot of stuff from a box. And we can fry from frozen. 🙂 

I asked her if she was able to get peanut butter:

Peanut butter I have every morning!!! We do have peanut butter. It’s dairy and potato chips that I am going to miss 🙂 Although we have some cheap milk that’s unrefrigerated (safely) at a place called Cold Storage that sells a lot of American foods. They’re a little more expensive but the milk was decent price, although it tastes a little like powdered. 


The Sands, she’d like to go there some day!

On some of the things she saw:

The big garden building actually has a boat on the top of it, if you look closely. It’s called The Sands. Sometime we’ll go up there apparently, it costs some money but is worth it Sister Stokes says. I have no idea what the trees are called I just thought they were cool.


Cool trees in Singapore!


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