Singapore Week 2


Merlion in Marina Bay in Singapore

Singapore is very interesting. A lot of people that we teach here are from other countries like the Philippines and Myanmar, but they’ve lived in Singapore for years. There’s a lot of Hindus and Muslims (Who we can only teach if they were born in Singapore). I’m pretty used to the heat now, except when the sun is severely shining. We go from heat to air conditioning to heat to air conditioning, so it’s weird and apparently colds are really easy to catch (I’m finally getting over one I got about 4 days ago).I am enjoying my companion, she’s surprisingly like me which is nice. We get along smashingly. I’m surprisingly okay with the togetherness all the time, too, although I agree it’s inconvenient sometimes. It’s terrifying to talk to people, but it’s better than the first day. We do a lot of proselyting on the MRT here, which is the ginormous train system in Singapore, and I’m still getting over the awkward, “Hi how are you would you like to learn more about Jesus Christ?” Although it’s better than that, but I’m getting over feeling like that. We have ALL SORTS OF PEOPLE. But all of them are Asian and Indian. It’s gotten to the point that when I went to brunch today with a bunch of people from 4th ward, which has a lot of white people in it, and it actually felt REALLY WEIRD because they weren’t Asian or Indian. Sister Stokes said that white people will really stand out and be weird to me eventually. So that’s weird. The people here are SUPER NICE. For instance, I was trying to lug my luggage up some stairs and some random guy just offered to carry it up. And people are fully willing to talk to you, although I had one old Chinese guy literally burst out laughing when I told him why we’re here. He was laughing so hard that when I asked, “Why is that funny?” he couldn’t answer he was laughing so hard…. But that’s okay because that was actually a GREAT day contacting wise. 


Rachel is working on making hot food easier to bear by eating fries with chili sauce. She says the food there is much spicier than mexican food.

We got a new investigator a couple of days ago. He referred himself from He’s Indian and when we met one of his questions was, “Do you believe in the gift of tongues?” which is apparently a really common question here, especially from Indian people. 


Halloween! Rachel and her companion dressed up as each other by switching name tags.

A recent convert called us up earlier this week, going “How do I give the prayer in church?! Is there a template?!” Turns out Brother S had asked him to do something and he had just kind of said yes without knowing what it was and then he realized it was the prayer, so he actually went online to look up templates and couldn’t find any. We also got him to give his testimony about missionary work. And so I joked, “Yeah, we’re just going to get you up there all day. You’re teaching in Sunday School too”, and he goes, “Wait what?” and Sister Stokes said, “Yeah, the Elders didn’t tell you?” (Keep in mind I am not hiding my huge smile this whole time). He gets a slightly panicked look on his face and then finally goes, “Yeah right!!!” It was hilarious. His testimony was very sweet too. I had to give the lesson in Sunday School last week. But it went well. We had a full week this week with many lessons. 


This is a sample of how many different languages that they teach in Singapore

Church is amazing here. The people here are so strong and so enthusiastic about their faith. When they were announcing fast and testimony meeting the second counselor actually said, “Please keep your testimonies short and sweet”. There was never a break for testimonies and we went over the time for sacrament meeting because so many were giving their testimonies. He also added, “Feel free to give it in any language”. Only one sister took him up on that for part of her testimony. I love it here. The people are amazing, I can already tell I’ll probably cry when I leave this area. I feel like I’ve become lifelong friends with some of them. I’ll make sure they add me on Facebook, so please keep adding them! If you have questions just let me know. 🙂

I love you all and miss you!!!


Sister Schriever, Farthest Flung


They made this all in their apartment!

Oh and I LOVE Milo! They have it in all the hawker centers here so I get it iced. Sister Stokes tried a milo dinosaur the other day, which is iced milo with extra cocoa on top it seemed good.  I’ve had chicken feet and stingray. Stingray tastes like shrimp. Chicken feet tastes like chicken. And everything here is spicy, I’m still getting used to it. 


Betty Crocker is everywhere!


Another food picture! I think she took this for me so I could see veggies.


Gorgeous selfie! She is very happy!


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  1. What a wonderful snapshot of your experience. I loved it. Grandma

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