She is in Singapore!


Rachel in Singapore! This is when she barely arrived.

Dear Family,

Everything is different here, and I mean EVERYTHING. The doorbells and light switches are like 6 times as wide as ours and I’m pretty sure the doorbells don’t actually work. You have to turn on outlets before you use them. There is toilet paper here, though, so that’s good. People randomly stare at me because I’m white so that’s weird/slightly awkward but I just try to make eye contact and say hi. I get 1 1/2 hours to email so that’s nice. I have not tried durian, the LA who was going to laugh at me as I tried it forgot about it so hopefully next week I can report.

Oh and another random factoid: Dairy is expensive here. Oh and I want Asian recipes to try! I went to the grocery mart and i really want to try to use some the stuff! So anything: Filipino, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc.. It would be fun! I’ll think about stuff for Christmas I seem to be good so far. I don’t know how much STUFF I need, but slim jims are delicious.Oh, maybe some more of that Aveeno face moisturizer with SPF 15 because apparently foundation is bad to use here because people will tend to wipe it off and it just looks bad…

You did get some dropbox love, they’re uploading now, all of my photos just to be safe.

My companion is Sister Stokes. She is from Rexburg, Idaho and is absolutely fantastic! She gave me a beautifully decorated planner that I should have taken pictures of but I’ll send you photos next week. I am serving in Bedok Ward, Singapore which is a blessing because my luggage needs to be figured out. It was an adventure getting home from the mission office. We stayed the first night in a hotel and then found out our companions the next day and all headed out. Sister Romney is in KL, Malaysia. I didn’t need to leave anything in the mission home yet and I probably will stay here at least 6 months because I’ll probably be training in January (AHHHHHHHHH!!!) In December every Sister in the field will be training due to the numbers of Sister coming. Sister Stokes has just been here 3 months as well.

I am having tons of fun. I’ve got to try all sorts of food. By the way, fun fact: They don’t use knives here. You sit down and get a spoon and fork to eat everything with, including meat. So it’s was good practice at home to just use my fork to cut things and I’m getting used to it. I eat phrata (I think that’s how it’s spelled) for breakfast, with peanut butter. It’s delicious. 🙂 My first day here I had bhrati rice with chicken. People will just come up to you at hawker centers and ask, “Do you want blah blah blah?” and you can say yes, then they’ll direct you to a table. And it’s not like in the US where you get your own table, you just sit with strangers, just make tables full which is pretty cool. We can’t get mail at the apartment, so send snail mail/packages to the mission office. Oh and apparently it takes more like a week and a half, at least for letters. So feel free to write me!

Something else cool about Singapore is they’re trying to make it a utopia, so you know those people who play music on street corners? Here it’s an actual job and they have to audition and get paid by the government, in addition to tips! So that’s really cool. Oh and everything is chicken here, even McDonald’s. There’s rarely beef, like at McDonald’s it’s either chicken or a weird chicken-beef mix. I haven’t eaten there yet but apparently we’ll get delivery sometime. We had Japanese and Filipino food at a members’ house which was delicious. Oh! And the elevator door close buttons actually work here!!! And elevators talk, and say “Story” instead of “Floor” so “Story one”. I thought it was saying dori for forever and was confused. I’m getting used to the accents but I’ll get there. Right off the plane I was trying to talk to someone and I couldn’t understand him AT ALL so I’m just kind of nodding awkwardly and all of a sudden he starts laughing REALLY HARD at apparently some joke he said so I laugh too and finally our guiding sister came to my rescue. I still have no idea what i was nodding to…..

Oh and it’s been cool to meet the members. They are so enthusiastic about the gospel! Sister Stokes told me there’s always a huge line at fast and testimony meeting, and even at the bus stop (We take buses and the MRT everywhere) we were waiting with 3 members, and one of them, Samantha, was talking about how excited she was when she heard about the fireside tonight so she could invite everybody she knows! We need that type of member missionary work in Utah, I think. I wish I had done a better job of inviting people to things like church events or to hear from the missionaries. They just love the gospel so much here and it’s a small ward but it’s so wonderful to hear them. I’m truly having an adventure and it’s been great! Oh and since you were wondering, yes we do have a smart phone so that’s nice. We keep in touch with all of our investigators, LAs, RCs, and other missionaries with it. It’s excellent.

I love you and miss you all! Oh and the combined letter was great!


Sister Schriever, Farthest Flung

PS there is a sister from the Phillippines MTC who came here at the same time as me from China who was way fun for me to talk to! But I wish I had reviewed more of my Chinese. Apparently the ward thinks it’s adorable when white people try to speak Chinese.

PPS We can teach Singaporean Muslims, but not Malay Muslims, which is interesting.



A Japanese food she said was amazingly good, The recipe is equal parts shredded beef and shredded potato, mixed with equal parts sugar and soy sauce. Then you rolled it in potato flakes and baked it and at the end drizzled with mayonnaise (I forgot to mention they put mayonnaise on EVERYTHING.


A random image.

Rachel still in MTC with another missionary from our ward.

Rachel still in MTC with another missionary from our ward.


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