Last letter from MTC

As we are waiting to hear about her assignment and new companion.  I wanted to share some of the sweet letters she handwrote to us on her last day before flying out (not all of them though because there are alot of them!).  All typos are mine since I had to transcribe it.


Rachel’s grandparents know everyone and one of the leaders in the MTC approached Rachel and asked her if she knew her grandparents. Turns out they lived in the same area in Missouri for 3 years and worked together.

Dear Mom&Dad,

I got the special item :). And the Elders say thank you for the treats as well as my companions. I realized why I was considering the big suitcase. Because technically it would have shaved off weight. But it wouldn’t have worked because I already have 45 lbs in my bag & I think you can just have 50 lbs per bag on American Airlines so it’ll all be good. The MTC has been great. Oh and I totally didn’t think about this but you could stalk me on Google Earth!! I’m pretty excited to go. When we went to get the malaria meds lecture the doctor had lived in Singapore and he described it as “Disneyland with the Death Penalty” But everybody I’ve met who’s found out where I’m going and has been there has said it has been their favorite place they’ve ever been. So that’s good.

Oh and the travel memo has been updated with better luggage requirements. They still said send sheets and toiletries home but they said they’d fix it when we talked to them. I forgot to tell you that.

I met two elders going Mandarin speaking to Singapore in about 5 weeks. And did I mention the entire two Malay districts coming on Tuesday with me? They’re pretty sweet. There’s ONE sister with them. So she has two elder “escorts” instead of companions. But she’ll be flying with us. I’m going to miss my district. Oh and I found out I pay my baggage fees and then get reimbursed so I’ll get cash tomorrow. And I’m getting a second phone card, if I don’t use it I’ll just give it to someone who will.

Mom, you are beautiful & I love you! I totally get your hugging your brother story now. It’s a lot funnier now. I’m so excited to be able to match your stories!

And Dad, you have always been an inspiration to me. I’m so grateful you’ve always been worthy of the Priesthood and that you taught me to shoot a gun.

You both have done a pretty great job parenting me. I love you.

Sincerely and with love,

Sister Rachel Schriever, Almost Farthest Flung

PS Tell Gma & Gpa: Sister Hacking definitely remembered you! She said you were amazing! I didn’t see President Hacking. That celebration sounds so cool & like an amazing experience.

We got to hear from President Oaks at the Tuesday devotional and I was in the choir. We sang a Motab rendition of “Praise to the Man” and that plus the entire devotional was Broadcast to every MTC in the world. (Mom & Dad I would have told you to watch it but apparently there is no possible way for you to watch it. It’s for MTC only, sad.) I love you & Miss you! Love Sister Rachel Schriever Farthest Flung

PPS Mom & Dad the Motab every Sunday broadcasts “Music and the Spoken Word” at 9:30AM if you want to record it. I’ve loved listening to it & watching it. (You may want to double check that time).

PPPS I still love you & miss you all! Stay nuts!

PPPPPSSSS I love you more than you love me (all of you!)!!!! HA!!!

Oh I saw Elder Rasmussen! He looks fantastic & is doing well! I got a picture I’ll try to send it in two Mondays.

Since Rachel is such a fan, I thought I’d include a link to Music and the Spoken Word.


Rachel’s letter to her littlest sister. It was sweet that she took the time to draw her pictures.


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