Write to Rachel! and MTC information


These are the things Rachel wanted to share about the MTC.

In the Provo MTC, the best way to send letters is through www.dearelder.com , they print them out and deliver them everyday. They’ll put more than one letter on each paper so they’ll get a bunch printed out on the same paper. She said it was really fun to get our letters. They are free to the MTC. You have to know which campus they are on, so ask when they get their MTC address the friday before they leave.

Please write to your missionary, even if they are there just for 12 days! She loved every letter she got.

The departure date on the MTC address might be off when they give it to you. Ours said OCT 25 but it was fixed by the time she entered the MTC to Oct 22nd. If you are going English speaking, you can call the travel office and get your missionaries travel plans ahead of time.

If you are English speaking, you only get one preparation day in the MTC to email and write your family. So if the family has questions, ask ahead of time via Dear Elder. They only have 1 hour to check their email and write back. So she printed out her emails and shot off a quick email to me telling me what time she was going to be on and went and did laundry. So then she sent me her long email and we emailed back and forth about luggage, etc.

They also didn’t allow her to email back as many pictures as she wanted to because the system cut her off due to suspicious activity. She ended up emailing back that night. So she highly recommends dropbox for the mission field. If you’d like to use this link, that would be great, it’s free but I’ll get more space if you do. https://db.tt/66Xawhe6  Write down your password because you are just so overwhelmed by everything that you really have a hard time remembering things from weeks earlier.

She ended up taking a 25 inch suitcase but was going back and forth if she wanted the bigger 29 inch suitcase. But weightwise you can only do 50 pounds in each suitcase to Singapore and she felt the bigger one would put her overweight. She ended up with 1 25 inch suitcase, 1 21 inch suitcase/carry-on, a duffle bag and a messenger bag. She’ll let us know how that worked for her after she flies back and forth a couple of times. To Singapore she could do 2 fifty pound suitcases but between Singapore and Malaysia she can have up to 66 pounds of luggage total. But I understand they don’t weigh the carry-on’s very much. So she’s hoping not to have to leave anything in the mission home.

Bring or plan to buy a water bottle. She bought one there at the MTC.

Phone calls from the airport: the phone cards in the MTC are 5 dollars for 450 minutes (the first 130 minutes are used for any phone call, so if you have to keep calling home, you will use your entire minute allotment up.) They took Frontrunner up so she didn’t have time to call from Salt Lake at all because it was so hectic.

If you are international, know the US exit code and your country code so you can call. If you live close to Hong Kong look that up. She ended up buying a couple extra phone cards that she gave to the international missionaries so they could call home.

We ended up mailing her an old phone in her last package that I can deactivate the SIM card to. She said that was really great because she was able to talk to us with no problems, give her backup phone cards to the other missionaries and allow an Elder to use her phone as well.

They give you a little bit of spending/going around money in the MTC. It is I think 8 dollars a week. Which is more than enough because they feed you a ton.

She loved the packages we sent her, even if she didn’t eat all the candy, she shared or left welcome packages for new missionaries. There are lots of missionaries that don’t get packages.  We also sent her “Plane food” so she’d have snacks for her day long flight.  She actually picked those out before she left.

Modesty. It’s 3 fingers below the collarbone for shirts and kneelength sitting and standing for skirts. She had planned pretty well so she only had one button up shirt that was iffy and she wore a t-shirt underneath it. But she said you definitely would feel awkward and have to switch out your clothes because they do ask you to check when you get there.

Shoes: she wore each of her shoes for 3 days and got blisters on one of them. So wear your shoes ahead of time and go on a major walk to see if you are going to get blisters by wearing them. She thought she was prepared just wearing them around for a while but it was one of her favorite pairs to wear here.

Classroom: Don’t be intimidated by the thought of that much classroom time, especially if you are English speaking. She said you definitely don’t get sick of it for those short 12 days.

If you have any other questions about what she did and didn’t do in the MTC, feel free to post them in the comments and I’ll try and answer them or ask her.


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