Phone Call from the Airport

We were able to talk to Rachel from the airport. She really did just pack for 18 months in one 25 inch suitcase, one carry-on and a messenger bag. I’m still amazed by that. It was pretty late when she was able to call from LA.

She said the food in the MTC was very rich but there were no scales but it seems all her clothes still fit. We understand that this is a mission that they lose weight in because of the different food so it’s okay if she gained some to start out with! She only sent letters, her coat , one blouse and a pair of shoes that gave her blisters home. She told me how much she loved the MTC and she was able to sing in the choir when Elder Oakes talked in a missionary devotional. If anyone has access to the MTC devotionals, please let me peek. She said she got screentime so I think it would be fun to see. She has also become a big fan of Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday Mornings with the Mormon Tabernacle choir.  She also saw Elder Rasmussen there and took a picture and if I ever get it I will send it to his mom.

She said her companions were great and Sister Romney really reminded her of her sister Dani. Flying over there, she is companions with Sister Romney and Sister Anderson who is from New Zealand. She is flying over with a bunch of Malay speaking missionaries. It is interesting they were in the MTC for 6 weeks to learn their language and also got culture lessons. Rachel was in the MTC for 12 days and the only person going to Singapore was one of her companions. I guess she’ll learn the culture on the fly.

She wanted Grandma to know that she packed socks for the flight. She’ll have one hour a week to look at her email. But of course she can always read paper letters.

She said the MTC was really an amazing place to be. She felt so good being there and just loved her District (the group of missionaries she had classes with and did things with). She said even though she was in the classroom for 6 hours and studied for 5 hours, for some reason it didn’t feel that way. It felt like a place she wanted to be.

We should get a picture of her when she arrives and then we won’t hear from her again until I think Sunday night. I feel so great about her flying to the other side of the world. It was so great to hear what a wonderful time she is having so far and the experiences she shared. She had bought some extra phone cards before she left because we are big believers in things going wrong and as I was talking to her, she asked me to google how to call New Zealand and Australia from LA and from Hong Kong. She gave the phone cards to 2 missionaries from there so they could talk to their families. The missionaries hadn’t realized they could use normal phone cards to talk to their families and hadn’t bought any and then couldn’t find a place to buy them at the airport. So grateful for my generous daughter and her ability to see a need and find a way to help others. I am going to miss talking to her. But I will really look forward to her emails.


Note:  Correction, apparently this is NOT a mission where the sisters lose weight because the food is great and people feed you.  Good thing she has several elastic waist skirts and that she has a really great metabolism.


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