P-Day in the MTC

First off, to Suzi and Kati: I LOVED your letters! and pictures! Suzi, I loved your feet and rainbow and your flowers they were gorgeous and so are you. Kati your handwriting looks so good and you’re spelling so amazingly! I loved your rainbows and flowers. Although you both apparently need to learn to spell my name. It’s RACHEL not RACHLE. Also, please continue to call Dani Dan-Dan and tell jokes. I loved the “green” joke and the “Rachel’s reaction”, they made me laugh!

Now to my family: Included at the end of this letter is a letter to Stan. Since he decided to draw a picture in the return address spot instead of his address I cannot write him personally. Please look at the picture that he drew on my letter, it’s hilarious and made me chuckle.

I’m just going to put all the pictures at the end and will probably explain them.

My missionary bag hasn’t seen much use. In the MTC the scripture bag I have is perfect because it’s small. It will see more use in the field and I still like all its pockets. I’m debating about the bigger suitcase. Right now I got 45 lbs. in the 25 inch and about 35 in the 21 inch case plus books in my messenger bag. The duffel is empty and I have some things to send home. I avoided the eye plague so that’s good.

I absolutely love my district. Elder Wilkinson does a fantastic Gollum impression (as well as Elmo and Eeyore), Elder Lewis has been dubbed the King of Shenanigans, Elder Ballard is a rancher, Elder Freshour is from West Virginia and has an accent, and Elder Solomon is pretty hilarious. My companions are great. The pictures should give you a hint. Apparently their thing is to not smile in photos so I went along in most.

I absolutely loved the package! I was grinning like a fool and my companions loved it too. I also gave some snacks to our new district that just arrived yesterday to welcome them. But most of it I have claimed as mine. I think everybody was jealous at my huge package.

Dad: Thank you for the email and letter I appreciated it. I love you too.  And I love you, Mom, too.

I absolutely LOVED the pictures from Suzi and Kati! I feel like Kati’s handwriting is already getting better. I miss you and I love you but I’m learning a lot. The Spirit is way strong here all the time here. It’s kinda weird but in a good way. I’m glad you enjoyed the ladder factoid and your health is your my prayers.

Hope I get to hear from you!


Sister Schriever,

Farthest Flung

Rachel by the famous tree that smells like cream soda

Rachel by the famous tree that smells like cream soda

Rachel with her MTC District

Rachel with her MTC District

Rachel just really happy to get mail.

Rachel just really happy to get mail.

Rachel really happy to get a box of goodies and stuff.

Rachel really happy to get a box of goodies and stuff.

Note from Mom:  A missionary district is a unit of missionaries, normally anywhere from 6-8.   They are in the same classroom during their time in the MTC and support each other in their learning and progression.

Rachel leaves on Tuesday to Singapore so although we might get an email when she gets there on Thursday (she skips Wednesday because of how far she is traveling), we’ll probably hear from her again the following Sunday.    She was trying to send all her pictures she sent and she got to 51 before the connection became too slow and she ran out of time.  She’ll send more from Singapore.  I just chose a few to show.

She’ll get mail on Monday but if you are mailing her letters, you should probably use the regular address on the side.  She’ll have limited internet access on P-days.


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