First letter from the MTC

October 10, 2013

Dear Family,

I am on the main campus.  The address they have given me says Oct 22 so you should update that.  Also I would appreciate new speakers (there are mini black ones under the foot of my bed).  You should test them first however, they were the ones that go with a Pringles can.  My current speakers are very ..  soft.    You should tell Grandma and Grandpa Schriever that  the Hackers, who were mission presidents in Independence are some of my MTC Presidents.  Oh and I’ll be buying a water bottle probably because I forgot.  I also forgot my sunglasses (probably on my bed) and that mini spray bottle on the coffee table.  Also knee band-aids and I’ll need the box to ship stuff back 🙂

Sister Romney is my companion!!! And I found the cream soda tree!!!  and I sniffed it.   I have 10 people in my district, only me and Sister Romney are heading to Singapore.  However there are 5 Elders from our zone headed there.  I’m actually in a trio companionship because our 4th roommate has not shown up.  Sister Jensen is headed to Portland, Oregon the day before us.  She attended USU and loved it!  Oh and one of my name tag clips is magnetic, which is cool.

The food here isn’t bad at all.  I got an Oreo ice cream bar for a snack and chicken fried steak for dinner.  My p-day is next Thursday the 17th.  Oh and the ladders are not detachable, mom.

Also the books I got were the White Bible, Preparing to Enter the Temple, Flip books for all the lessons and a missionary’s MTC guide!  I love you all!


Sister Rachel Schriever, Almost Farthest Flung

PS The pretty paper comes courtesy of Sister Romney.

Right before we dropped her off at the MTC

Note from mom:  Rachel sent us a paper letter on her first day in the MTC and we got it today!  When she mentions the detachable ladders, she is referencing a story I told her about my MTC days, still makes me giggle.    Missionaries are asked to bring speakers rather than headphones so they can stay alert and aware of their surroundings and their companionship.    She actually met Sister Romney on Facebook before they entered the MTC, I was wondering if they would be companions or not.  She seems like a great girl and they messaged quite a bit about packing, etc before they went in.  The cream soda tree is a story she heard about a tree at the MTC that smells like cream soda.  The white bible is a very small book full of missionary rules and missionary schedules.  P-day is preparation day where they do things like laundry and most importantly write home.  That day will change when she gets to Singapore.


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  1. Hello!!!
    So good to hear about your life in the MTC.
    Yes we know Pres. Hacking and his wife. Grandpa worked closely with him. He should remember us if you get to speak to him, remember to include that grandpa was facilities manager for the historic sites.
    Yesterday and today we participated in the 50th year celebration of Liberty Jail Visitors Center Saturday was full of lectures by BYU professors including Susan Easton Black. We received a special invitation to attend a reception at the jail on Sunday afternoon followed by a program including a talk by Elder M Russel Ballard spoke. Then in the evening he spoke at our stake center and it was broadcast in all the stake centers and other church buildings in this area. He is the great grandson of Hyrum Smith. We really enjoyed his talk, he was very personable.
    We love you and miss you. Looking forward to hearing of your experiences. Love Gma

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