Writing a Farewell Talk

I don’t like public speaking. Whatsoever. Most people do not believe me when I say this because if you look in a dictionary next to the word “chatterbox” there is a picture of me. I begin fidgeting with my hands, or trembling slightly, or I ramble. Half the time I don’t remember what I said after I talk. 

Which makes my first ‘adult talk’ oh so much fun to write. 

When you’re in Young Women’s you only have to speak for 5 minutes, and that’s if you really, really, really like talking. But as an ‘adult’ now I have to talk for 10-20 minutes. Luckily I have a pretty great topic, which I will disclose at a later date. Possibly. If I remember. Or those of you who are reading this who actually know me could just come…. 😉 Right now I have a bullet point outline, complete with quotes, ideas, and topics. Now comes the difficult part: Making it legible, and sense-making, and everything else.

In other news I’ve been cleaning out my room, and according to mom having two camo snuggies makes me a ‘snuggie hoarder’. I suspect if that’s true then you can also add pen and shoes hoarder to that list. Seriously, I have no idea how I have acquired so many shoes. I mean, I’ve never really been a ‘girly girl’ so I don’t know how or when or why this happened. But currently my sisters are going to have a fun time acquiring some very cute shoes. 

PS: My talk currently mentions Bilbo Baggins and has a quote from Dumbledore in it! I will do my best to retain these. 🙂


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  1. “Who???”

  2. I’m just going to say that despite your prostests, your shoe collection and jewelry collection DO make you a girly girl.

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