Mission Prep

Girls have it a lot harder than guys. I am heading to Singapore, which is two degrees off the equator. This means that I will be wet either with sweat or rain, and that waterproofing is a must. If I were a guy I would simply go to Mr. Mac’s, say “I need 8 pants, 8 shirts, and 3 pairs of shoes”. Boom. Done. But as a girl it’s not that simple. First I need to get modest, cotton, washable shirts. You’d be surprised how much this can limit you. I got shirts from Kohl’s, Ross, Mikarose, JenClothing, Eddie Bauer, International Luggage Center, and DI. Skirts were from Kohl’s, Ross, Mikarose, and JenClothing. I believe that this illustrates my point. I will say this about my mission, though: I feel extremely blessed to only have to pack for one season, albeit a rainy, humid, hot one. … But seriously though I am actually REALLY excited to experience monsoon season!! 😀 

Other mission prep has been shots. In my mission packet there is a page and a half of shots I am required to take, one of which was the Japanese Encephalytis immunization, which is medical for expensive-shot-that-keeps-you-from-getting-a-brain-infection-and-dying. This cost $260 smackerels. Ouch! (And that is meant both figuratively and literally because this shot hurt a LOT. I relaxed my arm and everything. It was a huge needle too.) 

Finally, there’s the knickknacks portion of mission prep. I include in this all items besides apparel. There’s the deodorant I need to get an 18-month supply of. The first aid kit, sewing kit, and SD cards. And there’s a lot more that if I named you would quit reading. So much stuff it’s ridiculous. But I guess when I think about the fact that I am basically packing up 18 months of my life into two suitcases it’s really not that much. 

Despite all the arduous prep though (I’ve been working on decluttering my room and it’s not fun…) I am so entirely excited to head out for a mission to SINGAPORE of all places! And the more I find out about this place (they have a fruit called durian that’s so pungent its fumes actually mess with the electronics on the subway), the more excited I get and the more I get spiritual confirmations that this is where I’m supposed to go and this is what I’m supposed to do. I love this gospel and I love His people, who are all the people on Earth. I have 42 days left!!!! (Which, coincidentally, is the meaning of life.)


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  1. Can’t wait to follow your adventure! Enjoy and embrace the experience.

  2. We are so excited for you and look forward to hearing about your awesome experiences and tremendous spiritual growth over the next 18 months.

  3. You are so great!

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