T Minus….

Alright everyone, last report!!

So this week was full of goodbyes and me avoiding countdowns and Sister Lawless striving to make me trunky…. Good times, lah… good times πŸ˜‰ -.-
But seriously though this week was amazing. I was very blessed to be welcomed into a lot of my precious Clementi’s family’s homes and personally say my last goodbyes along with a message about the Restoration and a prayer, and I have great hope for Clementi’s future.
On pday we went to a Peranakan museum with the lovely MT, who was so sweet! Peranakan is unique to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and it was basically the mix of the Malay (Muslim)/local cultures and Tamil/Chinese/European cultures as explorers and soldiers started to come to this part of the world.Β  It was fascinating! We also found out MT’s husband A is Peranakan, so that was cool. ^_^
On Wednesday we taught Pr how to make cookies, and her baby is SOOOO CUTE!! We taught her how to make Snickerdoodles and No Bake cookies (Yum!) and she taught us some African dancing. πŸ™‚ I hope I can see her again someday, whether it be in the US or in Uganda!
On Friday we had a crazy day of meeting with B in Paya Lebar (which is FAR) then to Clementi (which is far as well) to meet with the Elders/deliver cookies to S who hasn’t been feeling well/deliver a pamphlet to SS who is our potential referral who we haven’t been able to properly meet but have been able to get in touch with over WhatsApp and SMS and then we went to the L and were able to see them for the last time and eat Filipino spaghetti! Yum!
On Saturday we went to Harbour Front area and met with J finally! Yes!! She was asking us all sorts of questions about how she can communicate with Jesus and I think my favourite part of it all was when she told us her first impression of us: “You were messengers of Jesus”, and I just simply replied, “That’s why we have His name as big as ours on our tags”. To know that just from us walking around under an HDB she could tell that we were His messengers was amazing to me.
She also said to me, “You I can understand very easily, with the ‘ah’ and ‘lah’…. Broken English.” Singlish for the win!! Wahoo!!
On Sunday I was blessed to have a great day at church (of course), a few people showed up–Pr, A, etc…. We also had a linger longer after church and it was delicious!! I was so grateful I could see everybody and chat with them all and say goodbye properly!!
Well, I have a long ride home on Wednesday…. wish me luck, keep us in our prayers! I love you and will see you way too soon!
I’m grateful to be a missionary, to have been granted the gift of serving in Singapore and Malaysia, because I know a lot of people don’t get the chance to do either.
I am grateful to have learned have gained a new best friend: My Savior, Jesus Christ.
I’m grateful to be a better person now than I was before, to have learned that repentance and change are very, very real and realistic and so so so possible.
I’m grateful for my family, both those who I’m born to and those who I’ve gained halfway across the world.
I’m grateful to be in a worldwide family of trying, imperfect saints.
Eternally Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung (even if just my heart)

Shorter And Sweeter

So apologies in advance: This week had some unexpected happenings that kind of threw off our schedule so my report this week will be short, but hey you’ve probably almost had enough of these by this point so it shouldn’t matter, right??
I’ll just give the highlights of this week
-We had miracles last preparation day! We were eating yummy Indian food and exploring at Little India and one girl asked us about the Jesus Christ on our name tags, and we found out she was Christian! She wasn’t interested in hearing an additional message about Jesus Christ, but when we asked if she knew anybody who could use this blessing in their lives she said, “I’ll give you one phone number”, WHAT?! Wahoo!
-Monday night we were able to meet with K and his daughter J and were finally able to have a proper lesson with her and him so now she is a new investigator! Hooray! I firmly believe she could be baptised in the next few months πŸ™‚
On Tuesday at zone meeting Sister Alfrey and I did a training on comp inventories and apparently everybody loved it! Glad the Spirit can do what we cannot πŸ™‚
On Friday we found a random girl with parrots just riding her bike around and she let us hold them and take pics! These parrots were so good they just stayed on her shoulders or her bike basket as she rode πŸ™‚ I love Singapore.
Β –On Sunday we fed the Bishops durian (we got classy durian, so it was pretty good! I liked it, so I guess 3 times really is the charm, Sister Alfrey ate like 6 beejees of it.) Sister Bishop didn’t mind it, took it like a boss, Elder Bishop we had to kacau into taking it and he hated his life. He actually took a toothpick and took it out of his mouth…. And then he gave me a venemous glare when I talked about how you had to eat it 3 times and how I would bring him more next week! πŸ˜€ Ah, Β I love them!!
IMG_8249 IMG_8239 IMG_8250
I loved all of the General Conference addresses, they are absolutely fantastic! I feel so blessed that we have prophets and apostles of God who seek so diligently to bring us inspiration that is current and relevant and that we can trust is what we need now. I am so grateful the the gospel of Jesus Christ is restored to the earth and that we have so much access to so many answers to all of our questions, if we simply seek and knock and ask.
I testify that questions are answered, concerns are resolved, and fears are cast away if we not only simply ‘hang in there’ but if we seek and knock and act in faith! I am grateful for my Saviour who I KNOW lives and loves me, who knows me by name and paid the price for my individually falling short. That because of Him I can overcome and come off conqueror.
Have a great week everyone, see you way too soon!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

Monkeying Around

Dear All,

This week we found SO MANY MONKEYS!!!!! Wahoo! We went to MacRitchie Reservoir and one started coming towards us and we thought it was going to pass by but then it started jumping at Sister Alfrey and it stole her Diet Coke. It was pretty funny. They were everywhere: In trees, on the ground, lots of moms and dads and babies! So cute! πŸ™‚
I also apparently started reciting the white handbook in my sleep this week. Sister Lawless woke up to me talking about the Transportation section (maybe I was dreaming of having a car), and Sister Alfrey replied with, “I don’t have time for this” back. Now you know you have comp unity when you talk in your sleep together!
On Tuesday we were teaching S and it was a pretty good lesson. Then two guests came over to visit his mom, who is sick, and one of them was a Tamil man named Brother F. So we keep teaching S and then Brother F started randomly walking about the house sprinkling holy water. Twice. So that was a first, it was interesting. But he was super friendly and gave us some Christian karaoke CDs to bring home!
We also put S on date for May 2nd, the spirit was super strong, which just shows that when you’re really striving for focus and listening, miracles happen despite all distractions and it was awesome!
Afterwards I had a sharp pain in my heel and Sister Alfrey figured out I probably had somehow managed to get something inside it, so we stopped by Se who lived nearby and Sister Alfrey spent the next 5 minutes played ‘Operation’ on my foot and lo and behold I somehow had glass in there! Thank goodness for friendly people like Se who provided us with tweezers and a plaster. It would have been terrible to walk around all day with that without knowing it!
We also had a miracle with A, she texted us and asked to meet (which she’s never done before) so we went and hung out at a McDonald’s with her for a bit and she really opened up. It was really good! I love her soooo much, she’s absolutely amazing!!
On Wednesday we met with a 14 year old named Cl. She was soooo sweet, and she felt the Spirit! We talked a little bit about Jesus Christ and how He can bless our lives, as well as watched “Because of Him” and she felt the Spirit and loved it!
Β Then we met with Sarah later that night and taught her the Plan of Salvation! AFter we talked about the resurrection and how everyone can be with their families forever, and that we will each receive a perfect body, we asked her what she thought about it (keep in mind, she’s had a lot of exposure to different churches so we weren’t sure what she’d say) and there was a really long pause and then she said, “If this is true, then it’s awesome!!” I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody tell me this is awesome before, but it’s definitely true!! I love how prepared she is, and we had Sister C with us and it was completely inspired to ask her to come because they’re starting to become friends now! I am so grateful for prepared people, for inspired members, and for member missionaries like Brother C from Woodlands Ward who introduced us to Sa.
Β IMG_8133
On Thursday we went over to sing to S’s mother but then ended up having a talk with him and his sister instead. Sad day, he’s off date now, he basically said he just wanted us to be on good terms with him. But then he decided to be honest and say he wasn’t interested in being Christian and didn’t intend to be baptised. That’s ok, we have faith that the Spirit can work on him and help him to know that this is the direction he should take.
On Friday we had a great primary activity and J came!!! Wahoo! she is the daughter of one of our less actives, and they are SO prepared to embrace the gospel again!! It’s fantastic!!
We also had a tea time (sans tea, don’t worry) with Sister P, and got to get to know her better! She is a very sweet woman!
Then we had a lesson with C and it went AMAZINGLY!! The Ls let us into their home and it was a great environment to teach her about the Plan of Salvation, and she said it answered so many of her questions! We are so excited to continue teaching her!
On Saturday we watched the brilliant women’s conference, which was fantastic! Then we decided to randomly drop by P’s, and we met AND had a conversation with her husband! Hooray! She came out of the bedroom later and said she had been praying for us to preach to him. She also said that she thinks she’ll be baptised someday! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways, people!! Loving boldness works!! I have faith that she’ll be baptised and lead her husband there, as well!!
IMG_8176 (1)
On Sunday after church we had a lovely Easter dinner with Elder and Sister Bishop and A came! Wahoo! OK, so I may have led A to their house after church then ran away to go do a correlation meeting, but they got to talk and get to know each other better so that was great! Sister Bishop is AMAZING!!
Everybody, miracles happen. And loving boldness works. And everything with love will succeed! I testify that this is true! I hope you all get to experience the amazingness of a mission someday, because it’s changed my life!
You are all amazing!! Keep on building your faith and enduring and hoping and praying and having joy in the work and in life!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
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Can or Cannot, There is No Try

In case any of you didn’t hear, Lee Kuan Yew passed away this week which is a BIG deal to Singaporeans because he basically made Singapore what it is today. He is a big reason Singapore is farther ahead than Malaysia, because they started out the same. So here is a shout out to him! I can’t wait for the Spirit World missionaries to find him! πŸ˜€
This also meant public transportation was really randomly packed (as people went for the viewings all week) and really randomly empty (not sure why this kept happening, but it was nice to get seats).

Guess what everyone?! My bowling skills have improved!! I got a few spares this week! Ok, so maybe I got gutter balls for my first five turns, but I repented and did a lot better later! Wahoo! It was way fun to chat with our zone and get some good bonding time in. πŸ™‚

On Tuesday we had district meeting and then Sister Crabb and I went on splits and WE MET K!!! K is a less active who NOBODY knows in our ward, and apparently no missionary has ever found before and Sister Alfrey and I found him!!! So Sister Crabb and I went to go visit and found out that a Β few weeks ago, when Sister Alfrey and I first knocked on his door and met his mother and daughter that before that he had only been in Singapore about 4 days out of a month! We also found out that he still has his testimony and wants to come back!
And the biggest miracle is that he is all for his daughter, J, (who is 9 and has not been baptized) taking the lessons and he was actually making plans for how to get his daughter to enjoy church! Miracles people!!
On Wednesday we had internviews with President Mains, and best way I can describe them is he is an inspired man of God. No doubts. At all! We spent a long time with Sister Mains going over our progress records and how to best work with our Ward Mission Leader, which was helpful so we’re oging to work on having him help us set the goals.
Then we stopped by S and read Moroni 10:3-8 with her. She has changed since I first met her, there is a new light about her and you can tell that she is starting to recognize the faith she has. Even in the past few weeks alone it’s been amazing to see her confidence grow! Turns out, she just needed help realizing the gifts she had πŸ™‚ I love how Heavenly Father is willing to help missionaries out by inspiring us with what His children need. He loves each and everyone of His children so much and it’s been a great privilege to be a witness to that.
On Friday we met with P!! Wahoo! At her home, and she cooked us yummy Ugandan food! πŸ˜€ We talked about the Book of Mormon being the word of God and tried to resolve her concerns about being baptised again, but it didn’t quite work out that way. She still believes a prophet is necessary today, that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and she still loves church, though, so we’ll let the Spirit work on her! Mabel came iwth us and bore Amazing testimony! I love how she has only been baptised for a few months but she is already so powerful in testifying.
On Saturday we got a phone call from the CCK elders during personal study telling us that 1) our wards would be combined on Sunday due to the death of Lee Kuan Yew, who was essentially the founder and maker of Singapore and why it is not like Malaysia, and 2) we were going to teach a combined 3rd hour to both wards. …. Ah, I love it when wards know they can depend on the missionaries to pull something together. So we did an emergency correlation and managed to make a pretty good layout with the overall theme of love motivating us to do missionary work, and it went something like this:
We asked them to picture themselves in heaven,see their family and friends, and then realize who’s not there, and then to write those names down, as well as an activity they’ll invite them to and a date by which they’ll do it.
Then we read the last half of Moroni 8:16 and explained how fear CAN be overcome by love, and not only that but fear can be completely cast out! We explained how the Savior and His Atonement was the ultimate example and source of that love.
Then we watched one of my favourite movies ever, called “Missionary Work and the Atonement” and Elder Holmes and Elder Wang got up and bore powerful testimonies about how missionary work is motivated by love, and when we truly love our brothers and sisters we will open our mouths!
A great missionary once said, near the beginning of my mission, “Charity is the pure love of Christ, and Charity Never Faileth, so when we are motivated by love in this work, we cannot fail.”
I know that this is most definitely true. We have worked our hearts out in Clementi, and results are happening! P came to church again, S and her son and K and his daughter BOTH came to church and were enveloped by the wards. And so many miracles are always happening.
“Can or Cannot, There is No Try” as Yoda would say if he was Singaporean, and it’s true. When we are given a task, a calling, a question, the answer is ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ and I hope I will always say ‘can’!
The Savior Says Boleh! I love you all!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
Oh, and a Happy Easter Sunday to y’all! πŸ˜€
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March…Er, Miracle Madness!

Note from Mom: Β Since Sister Schriever could not send pictures this week, I thought I’d put pictures of 2 of the most special days of her life. Β Her baptism and when she went to the temple for the first time.

Sister Schriever very happy after she was baptized by her dad.

Sister Schriever very happy after she was baptized by her dad.

Sister Schriever going through the temple for the first time in Bountiful, Utah.

Sister Schriever going through the temple for the first time in Bountiful, Utah.

Dear Everyone,

This week was full of miracles!!!!!!…. And not so many pictures this week and I’m at a sketchier kedai than usual so I’m not going to risk it this week and I’ll send pics next week!
So first off, last week we were really pondering what more we could do and we just realized we needed to clear and refill our funnel. … And miracles occurred people!!! We got five new investigators this week and all of them are normal, productive people who have a strong chance of being baptized!! In fact, two of them are on date to be baptized in the beginning of May!
Wahoo! So here are the stories of each of our week:
Monday after a Preparation day full of fun times and happiness at Chinatown and Little India we met with S, a referral from the Stake Patriarch in Woodlands Ward and the Spirit was SO strong as we taught of the Great Apostasy and Joseph Smith’s First Vision! And afterwards we felt so strongly to ask her to be baptized, so we asked her to be baptized on 2 May and she said yes!! And you could just tell she felt the Spirit, and it was one of the shortest lessons I’ve ever had but also one of the best!! Wahoo!
On Tuesday night we met with P. She is from Uganda and lives just up the hill from the church πŸ™‚ she actually used to meet with missionaries in Uganda and hasn’t been to a Christian church since she’s come to Singapore and was thrilled with how close it was! so we taught the Restoration, and she believes Joseph Smith is a prophet! Hooray! We are still trying to explain about baptism by authority, but that will come and oh, did I mention that she has the cutest baby on the plane?? πŸ˜€
Our other Tuesday miracle was S! We just dropped by her house because Sister Alfrey felt inspired to do so and we went in spiritually prepared and asked inspired questions and basically one thing led to another and she said she is going to come to church! She has NEVER agreed to come to church before!
On Thursday we took the lunch and then headed out to meet a referral from the beautiful Sister Connie Woo named S. She is filipina and so prepared and excited to read the Book of Mormon! Church is going to be a struggle, though, as she works 7 days a week full days, but we know that with faith that can be overcome.
On Thursday morning we met with a girl named M who is 17 and also lives near the church and it was great! She is probably coming to church soon! And she wants to meet again!
On Friday we had lunch with Sister Pat, which is always fantastic, she s so sweet, I love her to death! We gave her a painting of a cat that we made a while ago and she was soooo happy! πŸ™‚
On Saturday we had a lesson with J. So J was a miracle that we found last week. We had butterfly attacked Sister Pamela and I had the strong urge to doorbell ditch so I did and we ran for it and actually got on a bus and everything before we got a phone call from Sister Pamela telling us that we shouldn’t have gone away she had things for us. So we went back, and sitting under her block was an Indian woman named J who goes, “Are you Christians?” And we said, “Yes…” “I’m not Christian, but my niece in law is and she calls me after church on Sundays sometimes and tells me about it. Can you teach me?” Obviously we said yes! So on this Saturday we met with her and she was so amazingly prepared! We taught about Jesus Christ and who He is and how He helps us and she said that if she knows this is true and receives answers to her prayers that she will give up her Tamil prayers and sell the things that she has and convert her son and be baptized and we promised that she will know this is true! And she felt the Spirit, she said it was a happy, different feeling. All of our new investigators this week felt Β that special feeling that only God can give through the Holy Ghost!! πŸ˜€ And Janu is now on date to be baptised 9 May and we think we might be able to move it up closer! Hooray!!
On Sunday S AND J came to Sacrament, and P showed up to Sunday School! Wahoo!! S said she felt the spirit and gained some good insights from Sacrament Meeting and everybody was obsessed with P’s baby and M actually helped her push her pram up the hill after church. I love people! I love this ward!
We are really praying we can keep up getting new investigators next week, this was a totally unexpected happening to have this sort of response! Prayers work, people, and specific prayers work specific miracles! I know that miracles have not ceased and that Heavenly Father is a god of miracles! I believe that we can each receive answers to our prayers, big or small, and I know that Heavenly Father genuinely cares about what we care about! I also have a firm testimony in the power of gratitude.
You all are amazing! Thanks for your support, see you in less than a month!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

Lots of goodbyes–too early lah!

Note from Mom: Β Only 6 letters left that I’ll be posting for her! Β After that she can post her own letters. Β So grateful for the great countries and the great people she has met over there. Β What a blessing it has been to see her confidence and testimony grow.

On Monday we went and played missionary ball at Newton and yes, I managed to shoot a ball into the hoop! Wahoo! πŸ˜€ Always a grand time. Then we went to teach D, and we went to heaven and, well, we found out D isn’t really prepared for baptism and we ended up dropping him. Sad day. But I have full faith that he just needs more preparation time!

Β On Tuesday we said goodbye to Sister Anderson and Sister Fa after district meeting ;( sad day!!! But all is well, I’ll hopefully see them again someday, and if not there’s a wonderful thing called Skype πŸ™‚ and then we tried to find a former named SM that works at Harbourfront and happy days she still works there! Wahoo! πŸ˜€ She wasn’t on shift on Tuesday but luckily we have lots of chances to go back!
On Wednesday we said our goodbyes to Sister Reitt who was leaving our house and helloes to Sister Lawless who was replacing her! Now our house is full of granddaughters and grandmas–funny as πŸ™‚ .
Then we did our weekly planning to make sure it got done. After that we went to go teach S and …. didn’t get to teach anything. She was too busy praying to her shrine and watching Bollywood. So sadly we ended up dropping another investigator. I feel like Heavenly Father is helping us make more room in our funnel, helping us to use our time for those who are willing and ready to commit to following His commandments and His Son’s example.
On Thursday I went on splits with Sister Borcherding and Sister Fa (who turned out she wasn’t flying out until Thursday night) we covered Filipino and Clementi wards! So that was fun!! πŸ˜€ We met with a less active named J, who cried from the sweet spirit that was in the room as we talked about Heavenly Father and how much He loves her and is there for her. And then we met with A and Sister Fa was amazingly inspired and asked her to ask Heavenly Father why church is important, to go to Him and find out the answer! To Β find out why all of this life is worth it, all of this gospel is a blessing!! πŸ˜€
On Saturday we had a lesson with P and ate a Myanmar breakfast of fried noodles and Myanmar chicken curry. Yum! And then we went to a ward kite flying activity, and JF came! She is a less active we ran into a few weeks ago and she brought her whole family! Wahoo! πŸ˜€
On Sunday after church we had a miracle! A few weeks ago Sister M brought a friend to the Relief Society Chinese New Year activity named R. A few days later she sent us a WhatsApp with her number that said she had told RR we wanted to get to know her, so we gave her a call and things happened and she came to our linger longer! (Which is basically a congregation potluck after church). She and her husband and two kids were completely enveloped by the ward and it was amazing! πŸ˜€
There were a lot of goodybes this week and more to come but I’m grateful I don’t have to say goodbye to Clementi yet! I love these people, they are so warm and such a family! I wish I could even express how much this ward has become my home, but I can’t. I know this gospel is true, and I see the blessings of it each and every day! In the gospel, we are one people, one family, and everyone belongs. All it takes is desire for faith to take the first step, and humility to accept the sacrifices. I’m grateful for the Atonement, and for my Savior Jesus Christ who helps me through all things!
Peace and blessings!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
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Well that was anticlimatic

Dear Everyone,

Hiiiii… My name is Sister Schriever…. And I eat a lot of fish. Oops.
In an elevator with lots of Sisters

In an elevator with lots of Sisters

So the movie quoting and singing and adventuring and eating will continue for yet another transfer! Yes, Sister Alfrey is against all odds going to send me home from Clementi! Wahoo!
I already said my goodbyes and everything. Well that was awkward.
We spent last preparation day relaxing and chilling and basically just being homebodies and getting some R&R. Twas nice. Then we went to the wonderful M and guess what! Sister Alfrey managed to crack one of my knuckles this week!… It may be the first time I’ve ever cracked a knuckle. ^_^
On Tuesday we had a wonderful zone meeting and one of the most epic activities of my life was when they asked for 3 volunteers who didn’t like fish and took them out (Sister Alfrey was one of them), then blindfolded them. Sister Alfrey came in with a can of tuna fish and sat in a corner and just happily munched, having no clue what was going on, meanwhile one of the assistants, Elder Wadsworth, and Sister Crabb were attemping to get to a goal (represented by a trash can) while being hit with pillows and running into obstacles such as a white board…. And basically the whole thing was about holding to the rope and helping those around us to hold to the path, and helping those who are lost to find the path and letting those who are eating tuna fish (aka those who don’t know there’s something better) know that there is a goal and a path. It was really profound and really funny to watch.
Then after zone meeting until Wednesday we went on splits with the STLs and I got to go with Sister Asanuma to 1st ward! Wahoo! πŸ˜€ I got to see L and call NM and M and teach a new investigator they have and see Sister Northcutt and it was awesome! Way fun to relive those days and see these people I love so much. πŸ™‚
On Friday we had mission conference with Elder Funk and it was AMAZING. And not only that, but at one point he asked who were the oldest missionaries, and it was me, an AP (Elder Wadsworth), and a ZL (Elder Anderson). He had us come up and CHECKED OUR PLANNERS O.O (can you imagine the beating of my heart?) … And I passed ! Wahoo! He loved the cover Sister Alfrey made me (Made him laugh) and commented how good it was that I took notes and had planned for studies on Sunday. Wahoo! I was expecting Sister Alfrey to get called/almost decided to steal her planner and present it instead of mine because it’s so organised and colourful and filled out, but apparently mine was good enough! Hallelujah! πŸ˜€
On Saturday we were supposed to meet with A (finally) but sadly she cancelled due to school stuff.
So we decided to go exploring to find places to contact people (aka find those who are ready to learn more about Jesus Christ and how to find greater peace in their life), and ended up deciding to walk from Jurong East to Clementi MRT, which is around 4.2 kilometers.
Then later we met with MT and it was wonderful!! She is so sweet! We shared Elder Uchtdorf’s, “Your Potential, Your Privileges” and talked about how God sees our potential and how his goal is for us to reach it.
Then we went to Adult Stake Conference (Wow! I’m an adult!!) and Elder Funk was amazing and I am so so so so so grateful for President Lai and all of our ward and stake leaders and all they do for us!
On Sunday we had stake conference, and B came!! But MT got sick 😦
And I was just sitting there and thinking, “Wow, this is home. These are my people, my brothers and sisters” and I just got this overwhelming feeling that I never want to leave….. It may sound cheesy but it’s absolutely true. A part of me will always be with these people. Singapore and Malaysia are forever stamped on my heart.
I love you all, and I love these people!!! I’m grateful that I was found able and worthy to serve. It was a long road here, and a long road still, but it’s the best one I could ever possibly dream of.
I know Jesus Christ is with us every step of the way! I feel like in a lot of ways we share shoes: When I’m too tired to continue on, He picks me up and puts me on his shoulders so we can carry on. The work is hastening, whether or not I want to be a part is the question. And I do, I really really really do and I KNOW that none of us are ever alone. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
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Last Zone Conference, Elder Ballard and lots of tears

To all:

This week is kinda a blur. I got a plague on Monday morning, but as it was Preparation day and Zone conference that night I bucked up and went throughout the day! (#medicineisawesome). That night we had a fantastic time seeing old friends and watching elders play basketball before going to choir practice and then on to a pre-zone conference activity with the Pryzbylas (a senior couple out in East Malaysia). We did something called ‘Me in 30 seconds’ and the point was that we have 30 seconds to make a first impression, whether contacting or teaching or meeting or anything so make it good, and be prepared to tell people about yourself quickly! Twas cool.
Then Tuesday we had zone conference, and the theme was all about faith! We were all to prepare talks, as we do each zone conference, about “What am I doing now to increase my faith?” and this is my last zone conference and I had never spoken before so I thought I was safe. After all, I’ll be speaking to give my departing testimony, right?? anywho, so I’m sitting there and then….. I hear my name called. So I talked about remembering. Remembering our covenants, remembering who we are, and remembering our relationship to God and building that relationship through prayer. People tell me it was good, I don’t actually remember what I said.
Then we watched Meet the Mormons which was fantastic!!
Then I gave my departing testimony.
Then came the waterworks and I bawled (yes people I cried) as I said goodbye to people I probably will never see again, like Sister Fa and Sister Taputea, and even cried as I said goodbye to people I would never see the same, like Sister Willis and Sister Anderson (who I said goodbye to on the phone). So yeah…..
On Wednesday I slept off my plague. Wahoo.
On Thursday we did planning then went and taught D πŸ™‚
Then Friday night ELDER BALLARD CAME TO SINGAPORE AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! He, along with Bishop Stevenson and Elder Rasband testified of the Restoration and in the end Elder Ballard committed everyone to pray for missionary opportunities!
On Saturday we helped the Bishops with some service at their home (we helped them clean up after Elders stayed there for zone conference and MLC O.O ) and then we went and ate a Myanmar food lunch with theΒ Ms. I ate goat and dried fish and some Myanmar famous fish and basically food. Twas fun.
These two have the most adorable little daughters: E and P, and Little P, as I like to call her, and I made good friends. It was so fun!! M is warming up to us, we’re becoming good friends which gives me a lot of hope for her joining the church and letting P be active again!! πŸ˜€ But all will happen in due time.
IMG_7773 IMG_7878 IMG_7750IMG_7697
Basically, this week was awesome!! We ate a lot of delicious food (some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had from our investigator S and some of the best Chinese food I’ve ever had from Sister CΒ on Sunday), and we got a big dosage of spiritual food! I love you all, I know this work is true, and I can testify that Jesus is the Christ, and that He truly loves us! That we can learn so much and change so much with His divine help!! Pray hard, everyone!! It works!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung
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Gong xi fa cai! Shen nian kuai le (not sure if that’s how you spell the last one, but happy Chinese New Year all!)

So, random fun fact: People here don’t use lawn mowers. I have never seen a lawn mower on my mission, people here simply walk around the stretches of grass with a weed wacker. πŸ™‚

Random fun fact #2: This computer hates me so y’all are getting no photos this week. Sorry lah! If you miss my face, 1) send me an email so I know you love me and 2) see previous letters!

Random fun fact #3: Apparently, in traditional Chinese culture, if you are not married you are not considered an adult.
On Monday we went to Chinatown and Little India, to see all the Chinese New Year things and explore (Sister Crabb had never been exploring at Little India). Afterwards, we met a potential named S who showed us where we could get sarees if we wanted! We sat down and talked about God and who He is to us, and she wanted us to pray to Lord Shiva, and we asked her to pray to Heavenly Father. We are not sure if she will, but at least we’re trying!
On Tuesday we met with M and AMK sisters after District Meeting so she could get to know them! She is so sweet, I LOVE her testimony!! Afterwards, we tried to meet with Sh again but could not 😦 BUT we got to meet with one of our neighbours downstairs and have a brief half-lesson about Restoration before she had to go. But she gave us some pandan love letters (a common Chinese New Year treat) and crab sticks. Yum!
On Wednesday we met with D and tried to meet with N (sigh…. she Β cancelled due to relatives coming over). So we went to go find less active families and we were very blessed, Β now is the ideal time to go finding since everyone takes work and school off to go visiting family during CNY (Chinese New Year).
Then we got to go over to the wonderful Sister I’s home for dinner! She is super sweet, she has two sons and she is an returned missionary! It was awesome to get to know her and her family!
Then afterwards we were trying to go find another less active and accidentally almost went to Woodlands because we didn’t realize we missed our stop….
On Thursday we went to the H’s for a Chinese new Year lunch (YUM! I LOVE CURRY!!!) and then we did planning. Between that and traveling, it pretty much took all day ^_^ Oh, and did I mention that we learned this week that three pineapple tarts equals a bowl of rice?? Basically, there goes any dreams of dieting I had…. After Chinese New Year can??
On Friday we went finding at Clementi, then went and saw A’s brother S to help him fix his phone and computer. It was good! He has started reading the Book of Mormon, so that’s super exciting! Then we went to N’s with D and his mom, F, which was also interesting.
The miracle happened this night, though!! We found J AND Sh at home!!! Wahoo! Since it’s been super tough to meet with either of them, this was a miracle! We were able to reschedule for next week with Sh, and J will get back to us! Diligence=Blessings!
On Saturday we made brownies, then went to A and E’s for lunch, and got to meet A’s godson! So that was cool ^_^ and ate delicious fried rice and chicken and vegetables. Yum! Then we delivered the brownies to one of our potentials, S, in the hopes of meeting with her this week, and then we met with a new investigator named G, who is awesome!! We also met with Sa, and she talked a LOT about her experiences with knowing God was in her life.
On Sunday we went to church and then afterwards we had our ward lo hei! A lo hei is a Singapore Chinese New Year tradition to bring prosperity, health, and luck in the new year. There’s a lot of ingredients, but the big part is the tossing, where everyone takes chopsticks and stands around the mix and tosses it into the air to mix it up thoroughly–the higher you toss, the more the luck! Sister E was standing beside me and with each toss exclaimed, “More investigators!…. Clementi grow bigger!…. More baptisms!…” It was the best thing ever!!
This week was full of delicious food and friendship and was a fantastic reminder of why I love my mission the most: The people! I am so grateful to be here, to know this wonderful country and to learn to love all of the people and culture! Especially in Clementi ward. I just have so much hope whenever I see all of the joy that is in this small congregation! I am so grateful to be serving with such wonderful ward leaders and friends πŸ˜€ I love all of you and hope you have a great week!
Sister Schriever
Farthest Flung

Nothing can stop this work

On preparation day we went to West coast best coast!! Fun times, all!!! πŸ˜€ We attempted to play volleyball with a soccer ball, then played ultimate frisbee. Afterwards we went to the Clemente’s to help them with last minute cleaning and packing before they left 😦 I’M SO SAD THEY HAD TO GO!!!! But I know they are going to ROCK it in Shanghai!! πŸ˜€


Spreading joy and butterflies

On Tuesday we had the best zone meeting of my entire life!! It was SO spirit packed! I swear, I have never been so inspired or taken so many notes ever πŸ™‚
They talked a lot about having the faith to find, and being the type of missionaries that we need to be. They didn’t extend any commitments, we were to write our own commitments to ourselves. It was really, really neat for me to be able to really pay attention to what the Spirit and therefore Heavenly Father would have me do….. I loved it so much.
After, we studied at the stake centre and I helped fix the CCK sisters’ phone, then we attempted to meet with S but unfortunately she wasn’t home 😦
But we had kind of a cool thing happen later that night!! We went to find J since she has not been answering us for the past few months, and we got to meet her mom! We weren’t able to find her, but her mom was home and was able to let us know J has been super busy lately. So that was a miracle! That someone was home, and that J is still around!! Wahoo!
On Wednesday we delivered cookies to S, who is a referral from T! Then we went exploring around Clementi area to try to find people!!
We had a lesson with D later that night about answering questions through the Book of Mormon, which went well. He is now going to start reading, and he came to church on Sunday!
On Thursday we did PLANNING! … Always fun! πŸ˜€ Then we went to a meeting with Bishop and Brother Woo, which was super sweet! We were able to find out more about what the ward expect of us and needs from us!Β  We WILL get Clementi rolling! It’s going to happen!! We have faith in miracles!
On Friday we met with D again and taught about the Sabbath day and afterwards we went to a Relief Society activity and learned to make pineapple tarts and yam cake!! Wahoo!! πŸ˜€ They were delicious! (And so easy!!)
IMG_7641 IMG_7643 IMG_7652

She was very happy to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch

She was very happy to get Cinnamon Toast Crunch

On Saturday I… Got the plague. BUT miracles happen and the CCK sisters were free to do splits so Sister Alfrey and Sister Reitt could go have awesome lessons with Amandaz and Nora! Hooray! After those, Sister Alfrey and I went to A’s and presented the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzle to her father. He was so happy! We were able to get it to him before the year of the horse was completed, too, which was even better! (The puzzle had a horse on it).
Finally, on Sunday we were able to get D to church, I survived all the hours, and then we were able to come home and I hibernated. All is well! And now I’m mostly better, so everything is good! Sister Alfrey took good care of me ^_^
She thought it was funny that everyone knows what a Mega Milo Dino is.

She thought it was funny that everyone knows what a Mega Milo Dino is.


Cinnamon Toast Crunch!